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27 Pickleball Memes That Will Brighten Your Day

Brandon Mackie
Feb 4, 2023 | 3 min read
pickleball memes

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Pickleball is all about having a good time. Maybe because of its origins as an impromptu, spontaneous way to pass some time with the family, pickleball is an inherently whimsical world.

Pickleheads never take themselves too seriously, and love to dress in colorful, whacky sports gear (think neon t-shirts and pickle branded socks). 

Whereas tennis and racquetball can seem a little serious and stuffy, pickleball is casual and relaxed. The character of the sport means that pickleball tournaments and post-pickleball parties, picnics, and barbecues are about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on (or off, if you’ve jumped onboard the nude pickleball trend).

This fun-loving part of the pickleball life lends itself perfectly to the world of witty internet memes. Pickleball memes spread like wildfire among pickleball partners and are great for some pickleball lols off the courts.

They are often ‘in jokes’ in the community that falls into the ‘IYKYK’ (if you know, you know) bracket. 

Here at Pickleheads, we can’t resist a good sports meme (as our pickleball friends will attest!), so we’ve decided to put together 27 of our favorites.  

Funny Pickleball Memes

First and foremost, here are six funny pickleball memes that have given us a good chuckle recently:

    Pickleball Memes - When You're Playing Too Much Pickleball

    Credit: Bruce Perreault (@Pickleball Forum)

    Pickleball Memes - When someone asks if Pickleball is like Tennis

    Credit: Amazin' Aces

    Pickleball Memes - Waiting to see if the Ball makes it over the Net

    Credit: Amazin' Aces

    Pickleball Memes - What I'm Thankful for?

    Credit: pickleballmemes

    Pickleball Memes - Trying to remember Pickleball Score

    Credit: pickleballmemes

    Pickleball Memes - Reaction of 2.5 Players when 5.0 Players showing up to 2.5 bracket

    Credit: memespickleball

    Dink Pickleball Memes

    The dink is, of course, the most elegant of shots in pickleball when done right. Perfecting this shot isn’t easy, and these dink memes poke fun at the pressure a picklehead can feel to get them right, and not allow their opponent an easy lob return.

    Pickleball Memes - Just Dink it in

    Credit: Pickleball Memes

    Pickleball Memes - I like big dinks

    Credit: Sports Blog It

    Pickleball Memes - Lobber vs Banger vs Dinker

    Credit: pickleballmemes

    Pickleball Memes - Reaction when you get into a dinking rally that lasts more than two shots

    Credit: pickleball.memes.official

    Kitchen Pickleball Memes

    ‘If it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen!’, the old saying goes. These pickleball kitchen memes highlight the funny side of sticking to the pickleball rules governing the non-volley zone rules (as set out by the USAPA). 


    Credit: Source

    Kitchen Pickleball Memes - Everything the Sunshine touches is where you can play Pickleball

    Credit: Amazin' Aces

    Kitchen Pickleball Memes - When no one notice you stepped in the Kitchen

    Credit: Amazin' Aces

    Kitchen Pickleball Memes - Saving my partner from the Kitchen

    Credit: pickleballmemes

    Pickleball Injury Memes

    Pickleball is a much lower impact sport than other racquet sports, but us pickleball lovers do occasionally get hurt. Luckily, we can even see the humor in falling over, as these pickleball injury memes will show you: 

    Pickleball Memes - Pickleball Injury Memes

    Credit: Sports Blog It

    Pickleball Injury Memes - Pickleball injuries on the first day

    Credit: Imgflip

    Pickleball Gear Memes

    Like many other sports obsessed communities, pickleheads tend to fetishize the best gear, in the hope it might magically improve their skills on the pickleball court. 

    Pickleball players, for example, will always need as many pickleball paddles as they can afford. The perfect pickleball paddle is out there somewhere! 

    Pickleball Gear Memes - New Pickleball Paddle

    Credit: Amazin' Aces

    Pickleball Gear Memes - Choose your weapon

    Credit: Pickleball Memes

    Pickleball Gear Memes - When you spend all your money on Pickleball

    Credit: pickleballmemes

    Pickleball Birthday Memes

    There’s just so much pickleball gear out there to choose from, that every new year is an opportunity for more stuff!

    Pickleball Birthday Memes - Pickleball Paddle Gift

    Credit: Amazin' Aces

    Pickleball Birthday Memes - Happy Birthday Ball

    Credit: Imgflip

    Pickleball Addiction Memes

    Once you try pickleball, there’s no going back. It’s addictively enjoyable, and these silly pickleball addiction memes poke fun at how obsessed us devoted pickleheads can be: 

    Pickleball Addiction Memes - No Pickleball Today?

    Credit: Reddit

    Pickleball Addiction Memes - Slowly driving by to check out the Pickleball Courts

    Credit: Reou

    Pickleball Addiction Memes - When you have not played pickleball for days

    Credit: Pickleballhut

    Pickleball Addiction Memes - Other sports than Pickleball

    Credit: Amazin' Aces

    Pickleball Addiction Memes - When you hear about new pickleball court

    Credit: Amazin' Aces

    Pickleball Addiction Memes - Not going to play pickleball

    Credit: GAMMA Pickleball Classic

    Send us your Pickleball Memes!

    Above is just a small selection of what the internet has to offer in the way of brilliant pickleball humor. And with pickleball now the fastest growing sport in America, we know our fellow pickleball lovers out there must have hundreds more to share. 

    So post comments on our socials and share your best pickleball memes. We can’t wait to see them! 

    About the author
    Brandon Mackie
    Brandon is an avid writer and co-founder of Pickleheads™. Once a competitive tennis player, Brandon can now be found these days honing his dinks on pickleball courts near Phoenix, Arizona.

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