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Pickleball Clothing: What to Wear On The Court

Brandon Mackie
Jul 15, 2022 | 13 min read
Pickleball Clothing

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  1. Factors to Consider When You're Looking for Awesome Pickleball Clothing
  2. What to Wear: Pickleball Clothing for Women
  3. What to Wear on the Pickleball Court for Men
  4. Our Favorite Pickleball Clothing for Women
  5. Our Favorite Pickleball Clothing for Men

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Looking to up your game with some stylish and functional pickleball clothing?

You've come to the right place!

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting into America's fastest-growing sport, having the right pickleball apparel will help you look and feel your best on the court.

Who knows, you might even start winning more matches…

But don't let the name fool you—Pickleball is a serious sport. And like any other sport, the right gear makes a big difference in your performance.

For advice on a pickleball outfit that compliments your game and doesn't get in your way, check out our ultimate guide below!

Factors to Consider When You're Looking for Awesome Pickleball Clothing

Things To Consider When Choosing Pickleball Clothing


If you've ever played pickleball, you know comfort is key. So, you need relaxed gear that won't slow you down or distract you from the game.

It's essential to be comfortable on the court. From shoes with good cushioning and grip to shorts that won't ride up—you need to be free to focus on playing your best game without any annoying diversions.


If you want to be a top pickleball player, you need to dress the part. That's why functional pickleball clothing is so important.

Great pickleball attire is designed to make you look fantastic and help you perform your best. Pickleball clothing should be loose and comfortable so you can move freely, but it also needs to be durable and breathable, so you don't overheat.


The great thing about pickleball is that you can enjoy it in all kinds of weather. You'll be ready to take on any opponent with the right gear, no matter what the weather brings!

On those sweltering days, wear light-colored, breathable fabrics to keep you cool.

In cooler weather, you'll want to dress in layers to keep your muscles toasty as you're getting started. Then you can shed layers as your blood gets pumping.

In damp weather, it's a good idea to wear synthetic fabrics that will wick away moisture and help keep you dry. Of course, no matter what the weather is like, it's always a good idea to wear sunscreen!

Style and Color

There's no doubt that style and color are essential factors to consider when choosing pickleball clothing. After all, who doesn't want to look good while getting their pickle on?

But there's more to it than merely looking good…

Believe it or not, wearing brightly colored clothing can help you stay focused and alert so you can win more matches. It can also help keep you cooler by reflecting more sunlight than darker colors.

Wearing fun and festive clothing is part of the Pickleball experience! So next time you see someone on the court dressed in head-to-toe neon, you'll know they're not just trying to make a fashion statement. They're also trying to improve their game…

What to Wear: Pickleball Clothing for Women

Woman Posing in Pickleball Sports Attire


Moisture-wicking t-shirts, v-necks, and tanks are fantastic, but it's a good idea to have a few long sleeve performance fabric shirts handy to protect you from the sun.

Long sleeves are also great because they keep you a little warmer on chilly days.


Moisture-wicking leggings or shorts are a great option. There are also a wide variety of tennis and pickleball skirts available, so you'll be sure to find something that fits your style.


You'll want to have a visor or baseball cap handy for those sunny days. It will make a big difference and help you keep your eye on the ball!


We recommend polarized sunglasses because they eliminate glare and help you keep your focus on the ball.

Consider no-slip athletic glasses, and don't forget to pick up a strap to keep them from flying off as you lunge for the ball.


Comfortable, moisture-wicking high quarter or ankle socks are the most popular and will help keep your feet dry so you can avoid blisters.


Shoes are oh so important! In warm weather, lightweight sneakers designed for pickleball or tennis are your best bet. In cold or wet pickleball court conditions, a pair of pickleball shoes with more coverage and traction is ideal.

What to Wear on the Pickleball Court for Men

A Man Dressed in Pickleball Clothes and Playing Pickleball


Moisture-wicking shirts are key! T-shirts and tanks are perfect but make sure you have a few long sleeve performance fabric shirts on deck to protect you from the sun or keep you a little warmer on chilly days.


Sweatpants are great for colder days, and moisture-wicking shorts are best for summer matches.

Think about the fit! You don't want anything too loose or too tight—you need to be able to move freely without feeling restricted.


You'll definitely want to wear a baseball cap or visor. It'll keep the sun out of your eyes and help you keep an eye on the ball on bright days.


Polarized sunglasses are ideal because they eliminate glare so you can keep your eye on the ball.

When considering sunglasses, look into no-slip athletic glasses, and don't forget to pick up a strap to keep them on your head during those intense matches!


Make sure your socks are snug and wick moisture. Wet feet can lead to blisters. Most folks prefer high quarter or ankle socks.


Don't forget about sensible shoes! In warm weather, lightweight sneakers designed for pickleball, or tennis are ideal, but you'll want something with more coverage and traction in cold or wet conditions.

(A Few) Top Pickleball Brands:

Donna Jo

Our Favorite Pickleball Clothing for Women

Overwhelmed by all the options out there? We've got you covered with some of our all-time favorite pickleball clothing for ladies.

Women's Short Sleeve Tee: Fila Women's Short Sleeve Pickleball Tee

Fila Women's Short Sleeve Tee Pickleball Clothing

This Fila top can't be beaten for affordability and functionality. Available in three classic solid colors, this moisture-wicking shirt is comfortable and movable. It's also highly breathable due to mesh areas in the armpit. Plus, we love the Fila pickleball logo on the left sleeve!

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Women's Tank Top: Battle Pickleball Women's Crew Neck Tank Top

Battle Women's Crew Neck Tank Pickleball Clothing

The Baddle crew neck tank boasts UPF 50 protection and resists fading in the sun or washing machine. This versatile tank features a sporty athletic cut and is available in four great colors. We especially love the Jacquard mesh side panel.

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Women's Tie-Back Tank: Faye+Florie’s Tie Back Tank

Faye+Florie’s Tie Back Tank Pickleball Clothing

Photo by fromuthpickleball

This tank is available in some fun bold colors and features a crew neck to protect you from the sun. The stylish tie at the back makes for an adjustable fit. Soft and lightweight, it's the perfect top for a summer match!

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Women's Long Sleeve Top: Pickleball Bella's Women's 1/4 Zip Pickleball Pullover

Bella's Women's Zip Pullover Pickleball Clothing

Photo by tennisexpress

This top is said to match with virtually every one of their print patterns. It will keep you warm on a cool day, plus it features a high collar and a ¼ zipper. So when it comes to temperature regulation, you have options!

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Women's Pickleball Jacket: Nike Women's Court Full-Zip Tennis Jacket

Nike Women's Full-Zip Jacket Pickleball Clothing

Photo by tennisexpress

Looking for a little more protection from the elements? The Nike Women's Court Full-Zip Tennis Jacket is equipped with Nike's patented Dri-FIT tech and features a streamlined cut. We like the modern look and the range of motion the raglan sleeves allow. There are even zippered pockets big enough to hold extra balls.

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Women's Pickleball Skorts: Pickleball Bella's Women's A-Line Skirt - Martini

Bella's Women's A-Line Skirt Pickleball Clothing

Photo by totalpickleball

This is a classic. We love the fun pattern, built-in compression shorts, and four-way stretch fabric.

This skirt features no-slip gripping tape at the leg openings, so the inner compression shorts never ride up. The built-in cell phone and ball pockets make the A-line a must-have!

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Women's Pickleball Skirts: Flirty Skirt / Skort (Surreal)

Flirty Skirt / Skort (Surreal) Pickleball Clothing

Photo by donajobrand

This pleated skirt from Dona Jo is nothing short of epic. It features UV protection, and we love that it's eco-friendly. This skirt will fully decompose when its useful life is over. Due to the excellent quality of this item, it will be a long time before that happens!

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Women's Pickleball Shorts: Women's 5" Stretch Woven Pickleball Short

Women's 5" Stretch Woven Short Pickleball Clothing

Photo by baddle

If you're looking for long-lasting and well-made shorts with generous pockets and a comfy waistband, check out this stretch short from Baddle Pickleball. The inner brief liner and 5-inch inseam offer a range of motion and confidence on the court.

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Women's Pickleball Capris: Vastitch Colorful Pickleball Capri

Vastitch Colorful Capri Pickleball Clothing

Photo by vastitch

Vastitch's high-waisted Colorful Pickleball Capri featuring a 4-way stretch is a fun way to show your enthusiasm for the sport.

The quality fabric and UPF 40 rating ensure that bright colors don't fade and that your legs are always protected from the sun. And the fun pattern lets the world know about your pickleball enthusiasm.

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Women's Pickleball Leggings: Dona Jo Skirted Legging

Dona Jo Skirted Legging Pickleball Clothing

Photo by donajobrand

Dona Jo's Skirted Legging features super comfortable seams and deep pockets. Their Light® 5-way stretch fabric is a favorite for easily moving on the court, and reviewers report that the fabric is extremely soft and comfortable.

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Women's Pickleball Pants: Adidas Woven Pant

Adidas Woven Pant Pickleball Clothing

Photo by fromuthpickleball

Looking for the perfect layer to go over leggings or shorts on those cold mornings?

Then check out the Adidas Woven Pant. You can't go wrong with these classic-looking and durable pants. And the best part? They're made from 100% recycled materials!

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Women's Pickleball Dress: Halara Everyday Stretchy 2-in-1 Flare Pickleball Dress-BFF

Halara Everyday Stretchy Dress Pickleball Clothing

Photo by thehalara

This functional dress from Halara is perfect for hitting the court.

It comes in no less than SEVEN colors and boasts excellent reviews. The built-in shorts and a convenient cell phone pocket make it a must-have.

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Women's Pickleball Sports Bra: Zensah Seamless Sports Bra

Zensah Seamless Sports Bra Pickleball Clothing

Photo by fromuthpickleball

We love the available colors available on the well-made and trusty Zensah Seamless Sports Bra, but this bra made the list due to its sheer comfort. The moisture wicking fabric does an amazing job of keeping you dry so you can focus on the game.

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Our Favorite Pickleball Clothing for Men

Men's Short Sleeve Shirt: Fila Men's Pickleball Solid Crew

Fila Men's Pickleball Solid Crew Pickleball Clothing

Photo by totalpickleball

There's no need to break the bank. The breathable and lightweight Fila Men's Pickleball Solid Crew has a great price point and comes in multiple good looking colors. Everyone should have a few of these.

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Men's Polo Shirt: Selkirk Red Label Camo Polo

Selkirk Red Label Camo Polo Pickleball Clothing

Photo by fromuthpickleball

You can't go wrong with Selkirk's Stretch-Wik fabric. It allows a huge range of motion and keeps you dry on the court.

We love the classic styling and three button placket on their Red Label Camo Polo. We've linked to the dark version, but it comes in a sweet-looking white and greyscale too!

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Men's Long Sleeve: Selkirk Electrify Long Sleeve Shirt

Selkirk Electrify Long Sleeve Shirt Pickleball Clothing

Photo by pickleballcentral

High quality at a reasonable price, Selkirk's Eye-catching Electrify Long Sleeve Shirt will protect you from the sun or a fall chill.

It has serious moisture-wicking powers, plus it won't restrict your movement. We like the two vivid neon color choices, and the large Selkirk logo featured on the chest.

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Men's Jacket: Champion Pickleball Established 1965 Packable Jacket

Champion Established 1965 Packable Jacket Pickleball Clothing

Photo by innergameofpickleball

This wind and rain resistant jack from Champion is a classic! The massive pocket in front holds multiple extra balls, and the hood and half zip give you plenty of options for regulating your temperature. Even better, it packs down into its own pouch for easy storage.

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Men's Pickleball Shorts: Flow Society Men's Pickleball Flow Short

Flow Society Men's Short Pickleball Clothing

Photo by totalpickleball

This was an easy choice. The Men's Pickleball Flow Short from Flow Society is probably the coolest men's pickleball short we've seen on the market.

It features a convenient drawstring waist and mesh-lined pockets to keep you cool. The side hem vents for extra airflow are a nice touch!

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Men's Pickleball Pants: Lotto Squadra Pant

Lotto Squadra Pant Pickleball Clothing

Photo by fromuthpickleball

The Squadra pant from Lotto is perfect for those cooler days. The straight leg cut offers a classic silhouette, and the ribbed leg cuffs with zippers make for easy removal when you're warmed up. The ample pockets also offer plenty of ball storage.

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Men's Boxer Briefs: 2UNDR Men's Swing Shift 6" Boxer Briefs

2UNDR Men's Swing Shift Briefs Pickleball Clothing

Photo by totalpickleball

These boxer briefs are sooo good. Give these a try, and you'll never want to wear anything else. The modal fabric is incredibly soft and keeps you cool too. Crazy comfort, perfect support—need we say more?

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Our Favorite Pickleball Accessories

Sweatbands: Zazzle

Zazzle Headband Pickleball Clothing

Photo by zazzle

Check out Zazzle for a superb selection of sweatbands!

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Gloves: Aerow Sports Recon Glove

Aerow Sports Recon Glove Pickleball Clothing

Photo by aerowsports

Gloves are a great addition to your pickleball wardrobe for shock absorption and fatigue reduction. Aerow sports has some great glove options.

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Sun Sleeves: Gamma Arm Sleeve

Gamma Arm Sleeve Pickleball Clothing

Photo by gammasports

Try Gamma Sports for superior UV protection and moisture-wicking arm sleeves.

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Pickleball Clothes for Summer

Maybe you're tempted to wear next to nothing during those hot summer months?

While this would likely be fun, make sure you take advantage of modern moisture-wicking and UV protectant fabrics and a good visor.

At the very least, don't forget to pack sunscreen!

Pickleball Clothes for Winter

Layers, people, layers!

Again, take advantage of modern fabrics. You can get pretty warm playing pickleball even on a cold day. A pickleball t-shirt and a hoodie are easy options, and you can layer it with other activewear pieces.
Stay away from cotton, and please bring pants and a coat to wear before and after your matches.

The Best Pickleball Clothes on Amazon

These are the best Pickleball clothes you can buy on Amazon:

#1. Loose-Fit-Workout Shorts

Loose-Fit-Workout Shorts Pickleball Clothing

These shorts for men from Devops have over 4-stars out of over 17K reviews and come in a super affordable 2-pack!

Check Price

#2. Oyakami Athletic-Lightweight-Perfect-Training Skort

Oyakami Athletic Lightweight Skort Pickleball Clothing

This skort is a best seller for a good reason. Top-notch fabric and functionality at an affordable price.

Check Price

#3. Attraco Women's Sleeveless Sheer Mesh Camisole

Attraco Sheer Mesh Camisole Pickleball Clothing

Facing some hot weather? Attraco's camisole is super breathable and lightweight.

Check Price

#4. Molina Women's Pickleball Novelty Socks

Molina Women's Novelty Socks Pickleball Clothing

Molina's Women's Pickleball Novelty Socks are colorful and fun. Everyone should have at least one pair. They also make a great gift for the picklehead in your life.

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#5. Adidas Women’s Club Tennis Shorts

Adidas Women’s Club Tennis Shorts Pickleball Clothing

Women's Club tennis shorts from Adidas Women's Stretch are stapled performance shorts you can have rushed at your door in a pinch.

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Bottom Line

Whether you play pickleball for fun or competition, you need to invest in some quality pickleball clothes. Not only will you look better, but you’ll also move better and focus on your serves, dinks, and lobs without discomfort.

When making a purchase, see if gift cards are available before you hit the checkout. Plenty of stores offer discounts and promos so take advantage of those. Side note: These make for great pickleball gifts too!

When it comes to gear, it’s not always about the pickleball paddle, balls, or pickleball bag. What you wear is also important, because it can affect your performance and comfort on the court.

Do you have any great tips on outfitting to dominate the court? Share your comments below!

About the author
Brandon Mackie
Brandon is an avid writer and co-founder of Pickleheads™. Once a competitive tennis player, Brandon can now be found these days honing his dinks on pickleball courts near Phoenix, Arizona.

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