Brandon Mackie

Brandon is co-founder of Pickleheads. Once a competitive tennis player, Brandon can be found on pickleball courts these days in Scottsdale, AZ. Brandon is a 4.0 player who plays multiple times per week, and tests many pickleball paddles as part of his job at Pickleheads.

My pickleball journey

I’ll never forget my first game of pickleball. I was at a restaurant in Austin that had a court you could rent. Two of my shall we say unathletic friends challenged me and a buddy. I played tennis my whole life so as you can imagine I was pretty darn confident. And boy I got my butt kicked!

I learned that day pickleball is a different kind of game. And you can never count anyone out. I start playing more and more. Over time, I learned to hit less tennis-ey shots and started to dink and place drop shots. I started to get it.

But as they say… pickleball is easy to learn, hard to master. I’m still out there as much as I can every week working my game.

My love for pickleball continued in March 2022, when I co-founded Pickleheads with two friends. Our site helps players like you find courts, set up games and connect with nearby players. Because that’s what we all want - to play more pickleball!

A big part of my role here at Pickleheads is managing our content. I write news stories, how-to guides, paddle reviews and gear buyer’s guides. And that’s maybe the most fun part of my job – I get to play with a different paddle every week! I have stacks of them at my house and it’s amazing how different they all are.

Do you have a favorite paddle? Let me know on social, I’d love to hear from you!

See you out on the courts.


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