The Best Way to Manage Large Pickleball Groups

Create a group on Pickleheads and never worry about texting people to play ever again. Automate your invites and always know who’s in.

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How it works

How it works

Create a group

Add your players to a group. You can make it public or private.

Add your players to a group. You can make it public or private.

Add your group’s play times

Schedule open plays, pick-up games, round-robins and more.

Schedule open plays, pick-up games, round-robins and more.

Automate invites & sign ups

Invite players to sign up and always know who’s in!

Invite players to sign up and always know who’s in!

Spend more time playing. And less time texting.

Take the hassle out of organizing pickleball. Create a group on Pickleheads and we’ll automatically text players when you post a new play time. You can even set your times to repeat each week!

  • Automatically notify your group

  • Schedule weekly games

  • Collect sign ups and manage waitlists

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Always know who’s in

No more guessing the number of players that will show up. Know exactly who’s coming, what their skill rating is and if they’re bringing a guest. Players can self-report a skill rating or add one from DUPR, UTPR or WPR.

  • Player list

  • Track guests

  • Skill ratings

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Chat features built for pickleball

Send messages to your entire group or just to the players who are attending that day.

For large groups, you can even limit messaging to admins only.

  • Group chat

  • Session chat

  • Direct messaging

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Give your players more time on the court

Every player in your group will see a live calendar of all your sessions throughout the week. They can set custom alerts to only be notified when and how they want. When everyone knows when the play times are, you can make sure everyone gets fair playing time.

  • Group pages with calendar

  • Player selected custom alerts

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Control who gets in with private groups

Keep your group from growing too large or expanding outside your skill level. Make your group private and ensure only players you invite or approve get in.

  • Manage new member requests

  • Keep it private or share publicly

A list of players with different ratings

Collect and track payments

Add your Venmo, Cashapp or Paypal information and collect payments directly from players. You can even track people who paid you in cash.

  • Collect payments

  • Keep track of who has paid

A list of players with their payment status

Export or print the player list

Once players have signed up, you can export or print the player list. This makes check-in at the court seamless, online or offline.

  • Export confirmed players

  • Printable format

A spritesheets with the list of players, their ratings and status

Now on iOS and Android!

Get the full experience with our free mobile app. Push notifications, contact syncing, group chat and more!

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Players and organizers love it!

The pickleball groups at our facility are growing, and we needed an efficient tool to help with self-organization outside of weekly hosted events. Pickleheads helped improve the communication – eliminating mass group text message threads and keeping things streamlined.

Andrew M.'s photo

Andrew M.

Director of Racquet Sports, BIGHORN

We host various weekly play times at our club and organizing them used to be so time consuming. We moved to Pickleheads and invites and reminders go out automatically. Now instead of texting everybody to see who’s in, or finding a replacement for a drop-out, I just show up and play! More fun and playing, less texting!

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Hunt T.

Organizer in Altadena, CA

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