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Best pickleball jewelry - top pickleball gifts in 2024

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Updated on: May 20, 2023

Graphic of the mini pickleball earrings and the Everwild pickleball charm necklace

With millions now playing pickleball across the US, it’s time we look at gift ideas for the picklehead in your life with this list of the best pickleball jewelry. You might be surprised to hear that there’s a whole lot of choice in this department these days.

Whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or as a gift idea, you’ll find pickleball-related jewelry that will show off your love of the sport to the world.

We considered a number of options when deciding on our top five pickleball jewelry items. We’ve looked at gold and silver jewelry, as well as pieces designed specifically for men and women.

We’ve also advised what to look out for when choosing the perfect pickleball gift and discussed the rules about jewelry in pickleball. Read on to find the perfect pickleball gift.

The best pickleball jewelry in 2024: our top picks

With so many great pieces of pickleball-themed jewelry on the market these days, it took a lot of research to choose our favorite. But after much deliberation, we agreed that the mini pickleball earrings are our #1 pick overall for 2024.

Here's a quick breakdown of the top pickleball jewelry in each category:

  1. Mini pickleball earrings: Best pickleball jewelry overall
  2. The Everwild 'Dainty Dinker' mini pickleball necklace: Best gold pickleball jewelry
  3. The Hit Happy Pickleball Paddle pendant necklace: Best women's pickleball gift
  4. Sterling silver pickleball partners pendant necklace: Best men's pickleball gift
  5. Pickleball paddle with spinning ball necklace: Best silver pickleball jewelry

How we chose the best pickleball jewelry in 2024

We’ve whittled down the list to just five by using some tried and tested jewelry selection criteria:

  • Material: What’s it made of, and is it good quality?
  • Design: Is it beautiful and eye-catching? Bonus points if it sparkles!
  • Comfort: Is it lightweight and comfortable to wear?
  • Function: Can it be worn on and off the court?

More on that later. First, let's look at each pick in more detail.

1. Best pickleball jewelry overall

Amazon's Mini pickleball earrings

These mini pickleball earrings are a subtle, elegant piece of pickleball jewelry. It's that touch of class that put them at number 1 for us. For the pickleball fan in your life, these gold studs in the shape of pickleballs will certainly attract a lot of admiration on the courts.

Not only do they look great, but they’re practical and comfortable when you’re playing pickleball. With them being studs, they’re low profile so they don’t dangle and won’t get caught in your hair or clothes. They are also so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Their simple, understated design means they go with everything, and will look as good off the court as on it.


✔️ Nickel-free to avoid allergic reactions

✔️ Affordable price

✔️ Lightweight and low profile


❌ Not made from gold or silver


Metal (nickel free)


At only $25 a pair, these pickleball studs are great value for money, and ideal for gifting to pickleheads of all ages.

Check price on Amazon

2. Best gold pickleball jewelry

The 'Dainty Dinker' mini pickleball necklace by Everwild

The Dainty Dinker mini pickleball necklace by Everwild is our top pick for gold pickleball jewelry. It’s an eye-catching, glitzy piece that’s ideal for post-pickleball parties and events. This necklace will certainly be noticed, and any pickleball fan will cherish such a beautifully made piece.

The design features a pickleball paddle and pickleball, hung as charms on a delicate but sturdy 15” clip chain. The paddle features an extra layer of bling: eight AAAA cubic zirconia crystals, which make the necklace glint and sparkle as you move.

The ball and paddle are positioned to look like they’re mid-play, with the ball hanging in the air above the paddle.

Everwild prioritizes sustainability in their jewelry-making. Their aim is to reduce their carbon footprint and waste to “create sustainable jewelry with a lasting, positive impact on our planet and future”.

Their packaging is recycled and compostable, as well as beautifully presented.


✔️ High-quality materials

✔️ Comes in gorgeous gift box

✔️ Eco-conscious makers

✔️ Adjustable chain (15" to 17")

✔️ Sparkly paddle can be flipped over for a more subtle look


❌ Not as suitable for use on the courts


14k gold plate on 100% sustainable silver


At $99, this piece is one of the more expensive on this list, but for what you’re getting, it is still great value. The materials are of the highest quality, and the gold plate is thick enough to not rub through.

Check price on Amazon

3. Best women's pickleball gift

The Hit Happy Pickleball Paddle pendant necklace

The Hit Happy Pickleball Paddle pendant necklace is a beautifully made piece of jewelry that will impress any pickleball lover. It’s lightweight, can be worn on and off the court, and is sure to be a conversation starter.

It’s an ideal way to share your love of the sport as fellow pickleheads will love the design.

Made from .925 sterling silver, the pickleball pendant is also plated in platinum for durability, making it practical for on-court use. The paddle face is encrusted with cubic zirconia for ultimate sparkle while remaining classy.

The chain is a delicate 18 inches of sterling silver. The necklace also comes in a neat box, ready for gifting to that special picklehead in your life.


✔️ Platinum coated for durability

✔️ Cubic zirconia for sparkle

✔️ Free gift box included


❌ Chain is not adjustable


Sterling silver with platinum plate


At around $70, this pickleball necklace offers great value for money. Reviewers comment how it looks much more expensive than it is.

Check price on Amazon

4. Best men's pickleball gift

Sterling silver pickleball partners pendant necklace

Men can be difficult to buy for, especially when it comes to jewelry. However, we know that the gentleman pickler in your life will love this simple, understated pickleball necklace. This piece is lightweight enough to go unnoticed by the wearer, but bold enough to be admired by others.

The social nature of pickleball, which is played most often in doubles, really comes across in this piece. The necklace features a set of overlapping pickleball paddles set within a circle, which gives it a simple yet elegant design.

Both the pendant and chain are made from sterling silver, so you know this piece is built to last. It’s the perfect gift idea for your pickleball partner if you want to show them a little appreciation.


✔️ Made in the US

✔️ Durable 18" sterling silver chain

✔️ Lightweight for playing pickleball


❌ Expensive

❌ Not as suitable for use on the courts


Sterling silver


The $129.99 price tag is on the high side, but this piece is guaranteed to last for years.

Check price on Pickleball Central

5. Best silver pickleball jewelry

Sterling Silver Pickleball Paddle with Spinning Ball

The pickleball paddle with spinning ball necklace from Pickleball Central is our favorite piece of silver pickleball jewelry for one simple reason: the spinning ball! We love the idea of having a tiny pickleball revolving on a necklace, and this captivating piece is perfectly designed to work as the ideal gift for pickleball lovers.

This piece of jewelry is cleverly crafted to have the tiny pickleball suspended in the center of the paddle where it can spin freely. The ball itself is encrusted with crystal so it further catches the light as it rotates.

This fun yet elegant bracelet is the perfect complement to any pickleball lover’s jewelry collection. It comes on an 18” sterling silver chain.


✔️ 100% sterling silver

✔️ Eye-catching quirky design

✔️ Made in the US


❌ Pricey


Sterling silver


At $129, this is the most expensive piece on our list, despite not using gold or platinum plate. However, the clever feature of the spinning ball redeems it, and it is sure to be a cherished gift.

Check price on Pickleball Central

What to consider when choosing pickleball jewelry

It took a lot of research to pick our favorite pickleball jewelry item for each category. To help decide our list, we kept these factors in mind:


When you’re choosing the perfect piece of pickleball jewelry, first decide what material you want it to be. Then look at the quality of the material used.


Next up, consider the design. Are you looking for a standout bit of bling? Or are you after more of an elegant, discrete piece?


If either you or the person receiving the jewelry will be wearing it while playing pickleball, make sure it’s lightweight and comfortable. The last thing you want is your hair or clothes getting stuck in your dangly earrings or bracelet as you go to smash in a winning point.

Think flexible and durable. It should also be well-fitted, just like the best pickleball clothes should be.


Jewelry is all about looking great, so who cares about function, right? Well, if the wearer of the pickleball jewelry plans to keep it on during a pickleball game, then it should be able to withstand a little wear and tear.

Find the perfect paddle

Find the perfect paddle

I've personally tested over 80 paddles. Take the quiz to see which ones fit your game best.

Take Paddle Fitting Quiz

Does pickleball jewelry make a difference in your game?

The jewelry you wear isn’t going to affect your performance on the court in the same way a new pickleball paddle might. But wearing some pickleball-themed jewelry can have a genuine effect on expanding your pickleball network.

Many pickleheads have a finely trained eye for the best pickleball accessories, and a piece of pickleball jewelry is sure to be a great conversation starter.

Silver vs gold pickleball jewelry

Whether you pick silver or gold as the material for your jewelry is really a matter of personal taste. However, there are various advantages and disadvantages to each type of metal that are worth bearing in mind.

Silver jewelry


✔️ More affordable

✔️ Beautifully shiny when polished


❌ Can tarnish over time

❌ Can bend or scratch over time

Gold jewelry


✔️ Corrosion resistant
✔️ Comes in different shades to complement skin tones
✔️ Great resale value


❌ More expensive than silver

Rules for wearing jewelry on a pickleball court

While USA Pickleball doesn’t specifically ban the wearing of jewelry, many tournament organizers do. You aren’t likely to have any issues at pickleball courts near you if you wear any.

Player smiling as she waits to play a pickleball game

However, if you’re entering tournaments, it’s best to ask about the jewelry regulations beforehand.

Don’t forget a seemingly minor but crucial clause of the all-important kitchen rule in pickleball: if anything of yours falls into or touches the kitchen, it’s considered a fault. This includes clothing, sunglasses, and—yes, you guessed it—jewelry.

Learn more about other pickleball rules in 2024

Bottom line

So, there you have it folks: our picks for the top pickleball jewelry. Choosing jewelry can be tough, as it's so much a matter of personal taste.

But when it came to choosing our all-round favorite, the mini pickleball earrings stood out to us for their functionality, affordability, and subtle charm.

Why not try them out for yourselves? You’re sure to fall in love with them!


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