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Pickleball Gear

20 pickleball accessories every picklehead should own

Image of the Pickleball Tutor Plus machine, Mangrove Pickleball Bag, and OS1st Socks

As pickleball continues to grow in popularity, more and more gear options come onto the market for us to get excited about. Whether you're a pickleball fanatic like us or buying for someone else, the perfect pickleball accessories are out there for you.

But can these pickleball accessories really improve your game? Some of them certainly can! While some protect your skin or your gear, others can make you look great on the way to the courts.

We’ve scoured the pickleball accessory world and handpicked our top 20 for 2023.


Pickleball bags

Photo of Mangrove Pickleball Bag

1. Mangrove Pickleball Bag

This adjustable sling bag from Mangrove ticks all the boxes for us: plenty of space, but not bulky, pockets for everything, durable build, and a great price tag.

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Pickleball socks

Photo of OS1st Socks

2. OS1st Socks

These high-performance athletic socks by OS1st are designed to keep your feet comfortable, dry and blister-free.

Ball machines

Photo of Pickleball Tutor Plus

3. Pickleball Tutor Plus

The biggest ticket pickleball accessory on our list, the Tutor Plus is a top-of-the-line ball machine that’ll give you endless hours of practice.


Photo of the berry-licious flavour Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme

4. Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme

These sachets are designed to turbocharge your water with electrolytes, giving you optimum hydration on the courts.

Knee supports

Image of the Cambivo Knee Brace

5. Cambivo Knee Brace

Loved by 10,000s of Amazon customers, these knee supports are designed to alleviate discomfort while protecting against further injury.

Paddle erasers

Image of the CRBN Pickleball Paddle Eraser

6. CRBN Pickleball Paddle Eraser

This is a specialist piece of pickleball gear for those players with fancy paddles that they like to keep performing at their best.

The best pickleball accessories in 2023

There’s something for everyone here—and for every budget. Enjoy!

Pickleball bags

1. Mangrove Pickleball Bag

Photo of Mangrove Pickleball Bag

A great looking, versatile bag with space for all your pickleball essentials

The Mangrove sling bag is carefully designed to carry everything a pickleballer could need for a day on the courts. The large main pocket easily holds two paddles and a few balls. The next pocket can hold a change of clothes or a towel, and there’s a felt-lined pocket at the front for your valuables.

What’s more, there’s a large water bottle holder and a hidden security pocket that’s invisible when you’re wearing it to and from the courts.

The strap can be swapped from right to left and is padded for the comfort of your shoulders. The built-in fence hook means you can store your gear safely off the ground to keep it dry. The fabric is hardwearing and water resistant, so your cherished gear is protected from unexpected downpours.

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star duotone iconOur verdict

This bag is popular for a reason—it’s surprisingly spacious, highly versatile, and offers all the features a casual player could want at an unbeatable price.

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Pickleball socks

2. OS1st Socks

Photo of OS1st Socks

High tech footwear to boost your on-court performance

These pickleball-specific socks use a blend of materials to create a lightweight, breathable fabric that’ll keep your feet cool while giving plenty of impact protection on the courts.

The quick movement of pickleball puts a lot of strain on the feet. To help with this, the OS1st socks include bamboo-charcoal cushioning to reduce friction and blisters, while wicking away heat and sweat.

The socks come in a range of colors (our favorite is the ‘orange fusion’), three size options, and a choice between crew (high socks) or no-show ankle socks.

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star duotone iconOur verdict

Keeping your feet comfortable and dry is essential to your performance on the courts, so a pair of these socks is a must-have accessory.

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Pickleball machines

3. Pickleball Tutor Plus

The ultimate pickleball training aid to take your skills to the next level

Pickleball accessories don’t come much bigger (or pricier) than this, but it’s too useful a tool not to add to our list—especially since it’s helped our game so much over the years.

From a technical standpoint, this machine can do just about anything. It can hold max. 110 balls, and can fire them with topspin or backspin at a rate higher than most of its competitors.

It has a delay timer, a random oscillation function, and a rechargeable battery. Plus, it can fire balls at up to 65 mph, which will turbocharge your practice sessions and keep you on your toes.

star duotone iconOur verdict

This is one of the top pickleball machines on the market, and an accessory that’s sure to boost your on-court performance.

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4. Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme

Nourish your body to boost your pickleball performance

Staying hydrated is crucial to your pickleball performance, and these handy sachets are an invaluable addition to anyone’s gear bag. They come in a variety of flavors (our favorite is the fruit punch) and have added vitamins and minerals to support your energy levels on and off the courts.

Jigsaw electrolytes are even used by the GOAT himself, Ben Johns. They work out to less than a dollar per serving, so you’re getting a tasty drink without breaking the bank.

star duotone iconOur verdict

These electrolyte packs are a functional, lightweight addition to your gear bag that’ll keep you feeling great and playing at your best.

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Knee supports

5. Cambivo Knee Brace

Image of the Cambivo Knee Brace

Ease your pain and strengthen your weak points with a supportive knee brace

Pickleball is generally a low-impact sport, but it can still be tough on the knees over time—especially if you have previous injuries. This knee brace is a must-have accessory for anyone suffering from discomfort or pain in the knees.

These are specially woven to give added stability and support to the whole knee area, taking the pressure off the joint while improving circulation. They come in a large range of colors and sizes, and have non-slip rings on the interior to keep them in place. They’re also lightweight, breathable and allow full, unrestrained leg movement.

star duotone iconOur verdict

At $20 for two sleeves, these make an essential and affordable addition to the gear bag of any player struggling with knee pain or discomfort.

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Paddle erasers

6. CRBN Pickleball Paddle Eraser

Image of the CRBN Pickleball Paddle Eraser

Image by CRBN

A soft rubber cleaner to keep your prized paddles in prime condition

Even the best pickleball paddles get dirty and build up residue on their face over time—especially premium, raw carbon fiber ones. Tiny bits of dirt and plastic debris from pickleball balls clog up the grooves, giving you less control and spin on your shots.

The paddle eraser from CRBN is a handy little invention that allows you to clean your paddle and keep it in the best possible condition.

star duotone iconOur verdict

This is a niche pickleball accessory that’ll suit intermediate and advanced pickleball players in particular. At only $15, it's an affordable item for anyone with a premium pickleball paddle.

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Paddle grips

7. Tourna Overgrip

Image of the Tourna Overgrip

High tack, moisture-wicking grips to help you keep a firm hold of your paddle

As your hands get sweaty during a game, you can more easily lose grip on your paddle. Without a firm grip, your shot control suffers and your hands get tired quicker.

These pickleball overgrips are designed to wrap around your handle and give you optimum hold on your paddle while keeping your hand comfortable and dry. They get tackier the more you sweat, but also draw the moisture away from your palm.

They’re ultra-thin, so won’t affect the thickness of your handle too much, and are ideal if you’re playing pickleball in hot conditions.

star duotone iconOur verdict

Regularly used by the pros, including Tyson McGuffin, these grips help you to maintain tight control over your shots despite sweaty palms—a valuable accessory for any player.

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Arm sleeves

8. Outdoor Essentials UV Protection Arm Sleeves

Image of the Outdoor Essentials UV Protection Arm Sleeves

Protect your skin while keeping cool on the courts

The Outdoor Essentials sleeves are made from a lightweight, breathable, and super-flexible material that’ll fit any body size without slipping down.

They offer over 98% protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays, so you can avoid the endless routine of applying and reapplying sunscreen and focus on your pickleball instead.

Perfect for anyone who plays pickleball outdoors, these are super useful in high temperatures thanks to their ‘cool-vent’ tech. This means that the more you sweat, the cooler your arms feel. The fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, where it then evaporates.

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star duotone iconOur verdict

We love clever pickleball tech (and we hate constantly applying sunscreen), so these are right up our street.

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Pickleball towels

9. Sukeen Cooling Towel

Image of the Sukeen Cooling Towel in four colors

Embrace towel technology to keep cool on the courts

These Sukeen cooling towels are selling like crazy on Amazon, with reviewers raving about their cooling abilities. They work the same as the sleeves above (‘evaporative cooling’), except the effect is magnified with this towel.

Simply soak the towel in water, wring it out, and then snap it in the air a couple of times. The towel will be cool to the touch and ultra sweat absorbent. This material can stay cool for up to 3 hours and can be reactivated at any time by repeating this process.

The towel is lightweight and comes in a handy storage pouch with a carabiner to clip onto your pickleball bag and carry with you everywhere.

star duotone iconOur verdict

This towel is surprisingly effective and will be a very welcome relief if you’re often playing pickleball in high temperatures.

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Neck covers

10. Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter

Image of the Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter

Cooling technology to help you play comfortably for longer

Yet another that uses ‘evaporative cooling’ tech, this neck gaiter is designed to keep you cool on the pickleball courts. By wetting it before wringing it out, the gaiter cools to 30º below body temperature and can stay cool for up to two hours.

It can be worn as a headband, neck wrap, balaclava, or a whole range of other styles. It’s machine washable and so lightweight you won’t even notice it in your gear bag—until you need it.

star duotone iconOur verdict

Priced at just $15, this pickleball accessory is an excellent way to keep from overheating on the courts.

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Best gloves

11. Franklin Sports Pickleball Glove

Up your pickleball performance with this tried and tested pickleball glove

These gloves by Franklin are a staple on pickleball courts across the US. The top part uses a ventilated, flexible fabric that allows for better airflow and comfort. The premium-leather palm includes extra padding in the high-impact areas to reduce strain and shock on your hand.

The gloves are fingerless, which gives you a better feel for the paddle. Meanwhile, the adjustable wrist strap ensures a snug, tight fit.

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star duotone iconOur verdict

Pickleball gloves are becoming more popular for good reason—they improve your grip, while reducing the wear and tear on your hand to keep you playing comfortably for longer.

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Ball retrievers

12. Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector

A lightweight pickleball picker-upper that saves a ton of time and backache

The Kolectaball K-Max Ball Collector is a simple but highly effective pickleball accessory. It’s a handheld, push-powered pickleball gobbler that saves you from bending over hundreds of times to collect stray balls.

The balls fit perfectly between the wires and are held in the inner chamber. It can hold up to 40 balls, making it particularly ideal for anyone who coaches, holds practice sessions, or uses a pickleball machine.

star duotone iconOur verdict

This ball retriever from Pickleball Central is a valuable accessory for pickleball organizers and players alike, allowing you to save your back for play rather than tidying up.

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13. ONUPGO Sweatband Set

Image of the ONUPGO Sweatband Set

Keep dry while looking fly

This funky sweatband set will keep your hands and brow dry while giving you a retro-cool look on the courts. It’s made from non-slip, odor-resistant cotton and comes in dozens of color combinations to match your every outfit.

The headband and wristband combo are breathable, wick the sweat away from your skin, and dry quickly between games.

star duotone iconOur verdict

For only $10, this is a great addition to any pickleballer's gear bag.

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Paddle covers

14. Palms-O-Aces Paddle Cover

Image of the Palms-O-Aces Paddle Cover

Protect your paddle in style

These days, pickleball paddles can be costly pieces of equipment, so protecting them is a priority. These paddle sleeves from Palms-O-Aces are lined with 3 mm foam and feature a breathable, durable, and waterproof canvas outer, finished in a variety of attractive designs.

This paddle case will fit all standard-sized paddles, but not elongated or wide-body designs. The zip is heavy duty and the whole case weighs less than 2 oz.

star duotone iconOur verdict

For anyone wanting to look after their prized paddles, this accessory is a must-have.

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Ball holders

15. BallPort Mini

A pickleball retriever and ball hopper combined into one lightweight accessory

This tool uses a simple method to allow you to collect pickleballs without bending over. The balls can slip through the bendy wire opening but not fall out, holding up to a max of 22.

Here's the clever part. Once you’ve picked up the balls, you can flip the handles over to turn it into a waist-high ball hopper—perfect to stand beside you during practice sessions.

star duotone iconOur verdict

This nifty timesaving gadget is ideal for anyone who coaches or organizes pickleball sessions, as well as those who use pickleball machines.

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Strategy books

16. 'At the Line Pickleball'

Photo of the 'At the Line Pickleball' book by Joe Baker

A shot-by-shot guide of how to win at pickleball

Pickleball progression is all about practice, sure, but knowing the strategy is also crucial to improving your performance in the long run. This guide covers all aspects of our beloved game, going deep into the data and showing the percentages and statistics behind each strategy.

The book also includes helpful lessons, tips, and recommendations, which are clear and easy to implement in your pickleball sessions.

star duotone iconOur verdict

This deep dive into pickleball theory, statistics, and strategy is a must-have accessory for anyone interested in improving their game through reading.

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Pickleball trainer

17. Huntarmor Wall Practice Rebounder Pad

Image of the Huntarmor Wall Practice Rebounder Pad

The perfect solo training aid that can be used anywhere

Pickleball drills are the fastest way to improve your skills, but it’s not always easy to find a willing partner or a free court. The Huntarmor Wall Practice Rebounder pad lets you spend as long as you like perfecting each of your shots.

It can be set up on any flat wall, indoors or outdoors, including inside the comfort of your own home (as long as it doesn't annoy the neighbors).

Pickleheads of all skill levels can benefit from using a rebounder pad. You can practice dinks, volleys, and serves, as well as hone your reflexes at the kitchen line.

star duotone iconOur verdict

An excellent pickleball accessory for anyone looking to clock in some solo practice time.

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Hats & visors

18. Heritage Visor

Keep the sun out of your eyes without losing your cool

We chose a visor over a baseball hat for our 2023 list, as we find full hats run a little hot—especially in summer. This visor is ideal for protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun as you play, while keeping your head cool and sweat-free.

The velcro strap is fully adjustable and will fit most pickleheads. It comes in six color options and uses a breathable yet sturdy fabric.

star duotone iconOur verdict

We love these retro visors. They look great on the courts and will keep you from overheating in hot summer sessions.

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Practice cones

19. Franklin Sports Flexi Cones

Photo of the Franklin Sports Flexi Cones

High-visibility sports cones for pickleball practice drills

As we've said before, drilling is the best way to fast-track your pickleball skills. Designed for just that, these sports cones are lightweight, visible, and flexible in case you fall on top of them.

They’re ideal for practice sessions and can do wonders for your game, giving you hours of precision training. Use these cones for accuracy practice by aiming for them using different shots, as well as a whole range of other pickleball drills.

star duotone iconOur verdict

Practice makes perfect, and these cones are an affordable and highly effective pickleball practice accessory.

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20. Gearbox Slim Fit Eyewear

Keep your eyes on the ball, no matter the conditions

Gearbox Eyewear sunglasses are designed specifically for sports players, boasting several features that make them ideal for pickleball. Firstly, the arms have five adjustable settings to make sure they fit snugly no matter your head size.

They also have scratch-resistant lenses in a variety of shades with an anti-fog coating. The bridge uses rubber pads, which can flex in the event of impact. The glasses are super lightweight, flexible, and durable enough to stand up to tough sessions on the courts.

star duotone iconOur verdict

The last thing you need when you’re reaching up to smash that perfect return is to be blinded by the sun. And for $40, we think these glasses are a bargain.

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How to choose the best accessories for pickleball

When you're looking for the ideal pickleball accessory, there are three main factors to keep in mind: function, quality, and price point.

Photo of some assorted pickleball equipment and accessories on a pickleball court


Can this accessory improve your game? Will it make you more comfortable? Will it help you play safely?

Sunglasses, for example, can help you play better while also protecting your eyes from sun damage. Meanwhile, a good pair of pickleball socks might make you comfortable, but are unlikely to improve your backhand!


Before buying any pickleball accessory, consider whether it's good quality. As it's likely to get a pounding on the courts, you'll want to choose durable materials (e.g. strong stitching and zipping). Most importantly, read the reviews!

People with real-life experiences of each pickleball accessory volunteer their views and opinions in the reviews section. So, reading about their experiences will help you find out if the product is worth buying.

Price point

Finally, choose accessories based on your budget. There are tons of great pickleball accessories out there, no matter how much you want to spend.

So, don’t break the bank—shop within your limits, and you’ll be sure to find something useful.

Some accessories work better as gifts than others, though.

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Bottom line

So folks, that concludes our rundown of the top pickleball accessories in 2023. We covered many of the items that we personally love to have in our gear backs.

Just to recap, here are our top 5 favorites:

  1. Mangrove Pickleball Bag – Pickleball bags
  2. OS1st Socks – Pickleball socks
  3. Pickleball Tutor Plus – Ball machines
  4. Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme – Supplements
  5. Cambivo Knee Brace – Knee support

Our #1 pick for 2023 is the Mangrove Pickleball Bag—we just love that it’s thoughtfully designed to carry all your essentials to and from the courts. Why not check it out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about?

This article contains affiliate links from which we receive a small commission from sales of certain items. As a brand associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you!


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