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Six Zero Black Diamond Power - pickleball paddle review

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Brandon Mackie

Updated on: Jan 29, 2024

The Six Zero Black Diamond Power pickleball paddle on a blue background

The Six Zero Black Diamond Power aims to be the more powerful version of the Double Black Diamond Control. I'm a huge fan of the DBD Control and even named it my top pickleball paddle of 2024 for its performance and value for money.

So I was really excited to test another paddle from Six Zero's Diamond series. Read on for my honest Six Zero Black Diamond Power review to see how it compares.

My verdict4.5star iconThe Black Diamond (BD) is another top paddle from one of my favorite brands, Six Zero. Compared to the Double Black Diamond (DBD), you get more power but you lose some control and forgiveness. Since the DBD already hits so hard, I still recommend that over the Black Diamond every time.

Buy or pass?

Buy if:

  • You're a banger:

    you'll like the unique power you get from this rare thermoformed fiberglass paddle.

  • You play with lots of spin:

    I was surprised that this has the same awesome spin as the DBD.

  • You don't want to spend over $200:

    at $180, the Diamond Series from Six Zero offers real bang for your buck.

Pass if:

  • You're not an advanced player:

    this paddle has a ton of pop, so check out my top intermediate or beginner paddles.

  • You want something softer:

    this has a very stiff feel, even for a thermoformed paddle. The DBD is more plush.

  • You need more control:

    this paddle tends to pop the ball up, so check out the Selkirk LUXX Control Air Invikta.

Paddle weight

8.1 oz

Paddle length

16 ⅓"

Paddle width

7 ½ - 7 ⅔"

Handle length

5 ½"

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Review summary

The Six Zero Black Diamond Power plays with a unique kind of power that comes from its fiberglass face. While this is exciting, it's not enough to convince me that it's a better purchase than its cousin, the DBD Control. Let's dig in a little deeper to find out why.

I have to hand it to Six Zero—the power I get from the BD is amazing. It's right up there with top power paddles like the Selkirk VANGUARD Power Air Invikta, which costs a whole $70 more. Like the VANGUARD, the BD has a fiberglass face that gives it a ton of pop.

While this is fun for advanced bangers, it won't suit everyone. It's really easy to pop up balls, which affects your touch game. I'm consistently popping up drops and even dinks, which is frustrating. With the hit it takes on control, I honestly find it hard to win games with this paddle.

Watch my initial thoughts here:


The fiberglass also creates a super-stiff feel. Thermoformed paddles already feel stiff, but this one is almost like a wooden board in my hands. I never feel truly comfortable playing with it. The DBD is a lot more plush in comparison.

Forgiveness is also lacking compared to the DBD. The sweet spot is tighter, meaning I have more mishits and generally play less consistently. Overall, though, it has a decent-sized sweet spot, especially for a thermoformed power paddle.

I think Six Zero did a nice job with the hybrid shape. This extends the sweet spot to areas like the throat, which are usually dead zones on a paddle like this.

Like power, spin is awesome on this paddle. It's almost on par with the DBD, and better than top paddles like the Selkirk Power Air, the Volair Mach 1 FORZA, and the JOOLA Perseus. I was not expecting this from a fiberglass face—it's surprisingly textured like a raw carbon paddle.

Another thing I like is the 8.1 oz weight. It makes the BD really fast and aerodynamic in hand battles, but I still have a ton of power. This makes it ideal for long playing sessions. While the grip isn't super premium, it holds up well and is more than comfortable.

Brandon Mackie holding the Six Zero Black Diamond Power pickleball paddle
Brandon Mackie holding the Six Zero Black Diamond Power pickleball paddle

The paddle looks cool in my opinion. It's a standard black carbon paddle with Six Zero's signature shapes. Nothing fancy but definitely not cheap looking.

Finally, the BD feels really well made straight out of the box. I love how Six Zero make paddles with some of the best materials but don't charge you over $200.

If you're curious about a fiberglass paddle that's thermoformed and loaded with pop, this is a lot cheaper than the Selkirk VANGUARD. However, if you want a more rounded paddle with a plush feel, check out the DBD instead—my top recommendation of all paddles this year.


Thumb up icon
  • Powerful and lightweight

  • Generates spin up there with the best spin paddles

  • Good-sized sweet spot for a thermoformed power paddle


Thumb up icon
  • Very stiff feel

  • Not great for control

  • Less forgiving than the DBD


Six Zero make thermoformed paddles with the best materials at a fraction of the cost of a Selkirk, Gearbox, or JOOLA offering. Let's take a look at how the Black Diamond Power is constructed.

Fiberglass face

This is the main difference from the DBD and it's this paddle's standout feature. You don't see many premium power paddles with a fiberglass face anymore, as raw carbon fiber now dominates the market.

The pop and power are really amped up here. It's a harsher, stiffer feel compared to the DBD, which already has tons of pop and power. So, the pop here is a little too much for me. However, some players will prefer how this one plays.

I like that Six Zero give you variety in their Diamond Series. If you want a softer feel, you can opt for the raw carbon DBD.

Carbon fusion edge tech

This is Six Zero's name for what is basically a thermoformed construction with foam injection in the walls. There's also a thin layer of carbon fiber that fuses the handle and the face together, like a unibody design.

All this makes the BD a stable paddle with an extended sweet spot compared to many other powerful, thermoformed paddles.

16 mm thickness

I want to note the thickness here because you'd think you were playing with a 14 mm paddle. It has so much pop and power. The fact that it's a 16 mm paddle means it does offset some of that extra pop, but this is definitely not a control paddle.

So beware if you see the 16 mm thickness and think you're buying a control paddle.


















Power: 9.5/10

The DBD already had plenty of power, but the BD takes it up a half-point. This paddle isn't called the Black Diamond "Power" for nothing. It hits like a rocket.

It's not quite as powerful as my favorite power paddles, the Selkirk Power Air Invikta, ProKennex Black Ace, and the Bread & Butter Filth. That said, the fact that it's even close is really impressive for a 16 mm paddle.

On the courts, I'm consistently able to hit hard drives and deep serves and put the ball away whenever I have a chance.

Control: 7.5/10

This is where the BD is lacking most for me. I honestly struggle to control this paddle. It has too much pop and a stiff, wooden feel that I can't get the hang of. My biggest frustration is how often I pop up drops, but I'm also popping up dinks and even sailing drives.

I've won fewer games as a result. Like with any paddle, you'll improve your control over time, but don't expect this to play like other 16 mm paddles. It won't do anything for your soft game.

Spin: 9.5/10

Spin is excellent with the BD. I play with lots of topspin and this paddle delivers on hard drives and deep serves.

I have to knock it down a half-point from the DBD's perfect 10/10 score, though. The DBD's raw carbon face gives it slightly better spin. Still, for a fiberglass face, the BD is impressive.

Forgiveness: 7.5/10

You get a decent sweet spot here for a thermoformed power paddle, but it's noticeably tighter than the DBD.

The sweet spot does extend to traditional dead zones like the throat. However, it's still too easy to pop up shots or hit them out if you don't have this paddle really dialed in.

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Weighting: 10/10

As with the DBD, Six Zero nailed the weighting here. The BD has a really nice lightness backed by good power. That's the ideal balance that's hard to find in a paddle.

Grip: 7/10

The grip is fine but it could be more comfortable and premium given the paddle's higher-end price point. It feels like one you'd get on a $100-150 paddle.

That said, it holds up well for me over long sessions. If I were to use this paddle regularly, I would add an overgrip.

The Six Zero Black Diamond Power pickleball paddle on a court
The Six Zero Black Diamond Power pickleball paddle on a court

Durability: 9.5/10

This paddle seems well-made and built to last. The only reason I'm docking it half a point is because I suspect fiberglass won't last quite as long as carbon fiber.

Aerodynamics: 9/10

The BD has the same aerodynamic hybrid shape as the DBD. This, along with its light weight, boosts the aerodynamics compared to an elongated heavy hitter like the CRBN-1X Power Series.


Like the other Diamond Series paddle from Six Zero, the DBD Control, the Black Diamond Power will cost you $180. So, is it worth it?

Value for money

While this paddle isn't the one for me, it's really well-designed and plays like the $250 Selkirk VANGUARD Power Air Invikta. I do think the DBD Control is a better bet for almost every player because it still hits hard and gives you a lot more control.

However, if you're convinced you want the BD instead, you won't be disappointed with your investment. At $180, this is a great deal.

The Six Zero Black Diamond Power pickleball paddle resting against a net
The Six Zero Black Diamond Power pickleball paddle resting against a net

Bottom line

I think you need to be an advanced player to control the Black Diamond Power and get the most out of it. Personally, I'd recommend the DBD Control over this any day. It has almost the same power but with a lot more control, forgiveness, and a softer feel.

However, if you love the Six Zero DBD but (somehow) find it doesn't have enough power, give this one a look. If you like the Selkirk Power Air Invikta but want a bit more control, I think you'll get a lot out of this too.

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