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Bread & Butter Shogun - pickleball paddle review

picture of Brandon Mackie
Brandon Mackie

Published on: Jun 25, 2024

Brandon Mackie holding the Bread & Butter Shogun pickleball paddle

Wait until you see this new paddle from Bread & Butter—the Shogun. I've never seen anything quite like it. It might be the coolest new paddle on the market, thanks to it having titanium woven into its surface.

Let's get into how it plays. If you read my reviews, you know I'm a huge fan of the B&B Filth, so I was super excited to test this paddle. Read my Bread & Butter Shogun review for my honest take.

My verdict4.5star iconThe Shogun is another winning paddle from Bread & Butter. By adding titanium to the paddle face, it takes the best parts of their Bread & Butter Filth (big power and spin) and gives you more control. I like this paddle for any intermediate who wants an all-court performer. Bonus points for the Japanese samurai branding too.

Buy or pass?

Buy if:

  • You want an elongated paddle with a balance of power and control:

    I rate this paddle highly in both areas—power (9/10) and control (8.5/10).

  • You struggle to control your thermoformed paddle:

    this has a more responsive feel than most thermoformed paddles, helping you to connect with the ball better.

  • You're anywhere from intermediate to pro:

    this is a user-friendly, all-court paddle that performs to a high level across power, control, and spin.

Pass if:

  • You're a beginner:

    you'll want a more forgiving paddle like the Vatic Pro PRISM Flash.

  • You like to be super fast at the kitchen:

    the Shogun is a bit head heavy, so try something like the aerodynamic Six Zero Infinity DBD.

  • You want a pure control paddle:

    while control is good, it's not 10/10 like the PIKKL Hurricane Pro.

Paddle Weight

8 oz

Paddle Length


Paddle Width


Handle Length


Grip Circumference


Paddle Face Material

T700 carbon fiber and titanium weave

Core Material


Core Thickness

16 mm (0.63")

Sweet Spot


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Review summary

If you've had trouble with the pop and power of thermoformed raw carbon paddles, like the Six Zero DBD, this paddle was made for you. The Bread & Butter Shogun uses titanium to offer you more control than other comparable raw carbon paddles.

I've heard people say that this paddle is like the Filth (one of the best pickleball paddles in 2024) and the Bread & Butter Loco (one of the best control paddles) had a baby. I think that's right, but I'd put the Shogun closer to the Filth on power.

Watch my initial thoughts here:


For me, the Shogun has two main drawbacks that will put off some players. Firstly, there's still a good bit of pop that can challenge you on touch shots. I've had more than a few routine drops pop up on me, gifting my opponents easy putaway points.

Secondly, if control is an issue for you, I'd recommend a pure control paddle like the PIKKL Hurricane Pro. There's also some head heaviness that makes the Shogun a little slow at the net. If you want a softer paddle that's also super quick, check out the Volair Mach 2 FORZA.

Overall, the Shogun is a top-notch all-court paddle—a great pick if you're an intermediate looking for a balance of power, control, and spin. While it's $25 more than the Filth, this is my recommendation if you like the power of your thermoformed paddle, but need a touch more control and a more responsive feel.


Thumb up icon
  • Elongated shape for extra reach.

  • Larger sweet spot than on the B&B Filth.

  • Durable paddle with titanium built into the face.


Thumb up icon
  • Not as powerful as other elongated thermoformed paddles.

  • Has some pop that can make touch shots challenging.

  • Head heavy for an 8 oz paddle.


Bread & Butter is one of my favorite paddle brands. They consistently make paddles that are super reliable with all the top tech you want, while also being unique in their style and play.

Let's see what they've done with the new Shogun.

New tech - carbon fiber and titanium weave face

Just when I thought I'd seen it all with paddle innovation, along comes Bread & Butter with some titanium. This is a first for pickleball, according to B&B. The plan here is to soften the raw carbon to give you more control.

This reminds me of what Pickleball Apes did by weaving Kevlar® into their carbon fiber paddles, like their Pro Line Energy S. It works well there and I'm happy to report it works with the Shogun too.

The Bread & Butter Shogun pickleball paddle resting against a net
The Bread & Butter Shogun pickleball paddle resting against a net

Thermoformed, unibody, foam injection

This paddle has what I've come to expect from a Bread & Butter paddle. They've stuck to what they know, without changing too much in the build, and I like that. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

The Shogun has a thermoformed unibody construction, with EVA foam injected into the walls. This is another solid paddle that you can rely on over time.

Elongated shape

This has all the same dimensions as the Filth. However, while it has the elongated shape for more power, the Shogun manages to have a larger sweet spot and offers better control. It must be down to the titanium weave in the face, as everything else is practically identical.

How the Bread & Butter Shogun plays

















Power - 9/10

While it's not as powerful as the 10/10 Filth, the Gearbox Pro Power, or the JOOLA Perseus 3 (which is currently banned), the Shogun can still rip.

I found myself driving 60% vs hitting drops 40% of the time, which is more drive than I usually do. That's because I can hit hard drives and create opportunities, especially against lower-level players.

While advanced-level bangers might miss some of that power, I'm confident this paddle will give intermediates all the power they need. Plus, it has the added benefit of more control than the Filth.

Control - 8.5/10

While I do find the pop difficult to rein in at times, I have more precision on drives compared with the Filth, and I sail balls less often. I generally have good success with drops and dinks too.

My overall control game is good enough to complement the power and spin, so I find this to be a strong all-court paddle.

Brandon Mackie with the Bread & Butter Shogun pickleball paddle
Brandon Mackie with the Bread & Butter Shogun pickleball paddle

The control on the Shogun reminds me of the Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy S. That paddle has the same control mixed with power and spin, as well as the softened feel of a novel material (Kevlar®).

The Energy S currently retails for $150 (or $134.99 with my 10% discount). It's worth checking out if you're looking for a bit more value for your money.

Spin - 9.5/10

While the Filth got full marks for spin, I had to knock the Shogun down a half-point. I feel just a little less topspin engagement on serves and drives, which I can rip with the Filth.

That said, the Shogun will get almost any rec player (including myself) all the spin they need out of a paddle.

Forgiveness - 8/10

I was pleased to find a larger sweet spot here than on the Filth. It's above average for elongated paddles in my experience.

I haven't had many mishits, and the paddle still works toward the edges and throat where you often find dead zones.

Bread & Butter logo
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Weighting - 8.5/10

The weighting is well designed in general, though some head heaviness keeps it from scoring higher.

Don't get me wrong—a moderate swing weight on an 8 oz standard static weight is normal for an elongated paddle. I just find myself wishing the Shogun was quicker at the net.

So, if you need lightning-fast hands at the kitchen, I don't think this is the paddle for you.

Grip - 9/10

The Shogun has Bread & Butter's standard grip, so I knew what to expect here. It's comfortable and well-made, scoring higher than the majority of paddles I've tested.

Personally, I'd still throw an overgrip on it. For players who don't like to bother with that, you'll be satisfied here.

Brandon Mackie with the Bread & Butter Shogun pickleball paddle
Brandon Mackie with the Bread & Butter Shogun pickleball paddle

Durability - 10/10

Bread & Butter already had a reputation for making strong paddles that are built to last. With the Shogun's addition of titanium, I'm bumping it all the way up to a 10/10 for durability. I don't see this one breaking or wearing down easily.

It also has raw carbon, a unibody construction, and an edge guard. So, with titanium added in, this is the most durable paddle I've tested so far in 2024.

Aerodynamics - 7.5/10

Aerodynamics is this paddle's weakest suit because of the moderate swing weight matched with the elongated shape. If you want a fast paddle, I'd recommend a hybrid-shaped paddle with a low swing weight like the Six Zero Infinity DBD.

Is the Bread & Butter Shogun worth it?

At $189.99, the Bread & Butter Shogun is $25 more expensive than the Filth. So, does the introduction of titanium justify the price bump?

Personally, I think the Filth is a better investment for most players. As one of my favorite paddles, it sets a high bar for the Shogun to beat—especially as player preferences shift toward power.

However, the Shogun is definitely worth it if you find the Filth too harsh, stiff, or hard to control. If you've tried the Filth (better for power) and the Loco (better for control) and want something in between, the Shogun is my recommendation to you. It offers a great balance of these.

The Shogun is also worth it if you want a cheaper alternative to top paddles from JOOLA, like the Ben Johns Perseus. Also, if you prefer a user-friendly feel, you'll like how the Shogun is more responsive than most thermoformed paddles. If you think this paddle is for you, I see the Shogun offering great value as you progress from intermediate to advanced levels.

Bonus points for the Japanese design here. It really helps this paddle stand out from many of the other boring carbon paddles that dominate the market.

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Alternatives to the Bread & Butter Shogun

If you don't think the Bread & Butter Shogun is right for you, here are some other paddles I recommend:

Best for power

Photo of the Bread & Butter Filth pickleball paddle

Bread & Butter Filth

For more power, choose the Bread & Butter Filth. Similar to the Shogun, but with more power and spin. It's $25 cheaper too.
Save 15% with code PICKLEHEADS15

Best for control

Photo of the Bread & Butter Loco pickleball paddle

Bread & Butter Loco

For more control, try the Bread & Butter Loco. Again, it's similar to the Shogun but has a touch more control and spin. It's also $25 cheaper.
Save 15% with code PICKLEHEADS15

Best for speed

Photo of the Six Zero Infinity Double Black Diamond Control pickleball paddle

Six Zero Infinity Double Black Diamond Control

For a faster paddle, try the Six Zero Infinity DBD. This 5-star paddle scores 10/10 for aerodynamics. It has loads of power, spin, and control too.
Save 10% with code PICKLEHEADS

What even more options? Try my 30-second quiz and I'll recommend the best paddles for your play style and budget.

Find the perfect paddle

Find the perfect paddle

I've personally tested over 80 paddles. Take the quiz to see which ones fit your game best.

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