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Updated on: Jul 15, 2022

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Looking for the best pickleball videos? Want to watch the best pickleball tips and guides for mastering the dink, third shot, and lob? Or perhaps you’re planning on buying new pickleball gear, and want to check out reviews of the best pickleball paddles?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we share some of the best pickleball videos and YouTube channels in 2024. Whether you want to improve your game or simply watch the pickleball pros for inspiration, this list covers them all. Let’s jump in!

Best overall pickleball channel

PrimeTime Pickleball


Year Started: 2017

Subscribers: 141K+

Uploads: 268+

PrimeTime Pickleball is at the very top of the sport. The channel is the brainchild of a former nationally-ranked Women's Division 1 tennis player, Nicole Havlicek.

Havlicek is now a 5.0 pickleball player and IPTPA-certified coach. She founded PrimeTime Pickleball in 2017 and has been leading the charge ever since, educating and exciting new players around the world.

The channel has nearly 84K subscribers and over 10M views. Their content is simply as good as it gets.

From the coach herself: “What you can expect from us, is to provide you with technical breakdowns of successful strokes, smart pickleball strategies, proper court positioning, effective and efficient footwork patterns, and much, much, more.”

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube watching videos about pickleball, you’ve likely already stumbled across PrimeTime Pickleball. With quality content still being released every few weeks, there’s a reason why they should be considered the king (or queen) of the castle.

Best pickleball channel runner-up #1


Year Started: 2014

Subscribers: 51K+

Uploads: 637+

Debuting way back in 2014, Pickleball Channel provides steady content, including highlight videos from some of the top competitions. With exceptional production value and even full match replays, this is one of the best places to see the skill level players have been achieving.

While this isn’t always the place to learn pickleball basics, there is time, effort, and talent put into these videos. And, their content will excite viewers that don’t even have a connection to the game.

If there is a YouTube pickleball channel ready to explode in popularity because of the sport’s growth, it’s probably Pickleball Channel, even if it’s been around for a long time!

Level up with a lesson

Level up with a lesson

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Best pickleball channel runner-up #2


Year Started: 2011

Subscribers: 66K+

Uploads: 406+

At the very other end of the spectrum is Better Pickleball, which is geared directly toward players over the age of 50.

“Cause getting older doesn’t mean you aren’t an athlete,” proclaims founder CJ Johnson, who also maintains

Better Pickleball is a great channel for those who play the sport more recreationally. You’ll find lots of beginner tips and regular short videos to keep you focused on your pickleball adventure.

Better Pickleball is focused on improving your game, with videos on pickleball mistakes to avoid, tips for refining your pickleball serves and pickleball court rules. It’s like having a virtual pickleball coach, and it’s all completely free.

One of the best parts of this channel is the “Pickleball Therapy” series. It’s a live-streamed event where viewers can interact directly with CJ and her guests.

Best pickleball videos for beginner tips


Year Started: 2018

Subscribers: 2.3K+

Uploads: 32+

While it isn’t very active anymore, the video library that Pickleball Magazine has built is a great starting point for those looking for a few tips in easy, bite-sized packaging.

Coach Wayne Dollard gets right to the point in these short video explainers. He took home gold medals in the U.S. Open, Pittsburgh Gamma Classic, Southpointe Classic, Coeur d’Alene Open, and National Championships in 2018.

So, you get to know just a few key things to focus on at your next match or training session by the champion. The videos are also supported by the website and publication, which can help you get into the sport regardless of your background and skill set. LevelUp Pickleball Camps, the program run by Dollard and his wife Lisa, are another great way for beginners to improve their skills.

Best pickleball videos for advanced strategies


Year Started: 2018

Subscribers: 64K+

Uploads: 129+

If you’ve already progressed past the beginner stage and need more specialized training content, Pickleball Kitchen may be the answer.

Run by Barrett Kincheloe, a PPR and IPTPA-certified instructor, the channel releases regular content on the best pickleball tips and tricks. You’ll learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and become a competitive player.

Barrett also revisits older videos to update them, providing more context and improvements as he continues his pickleball journey.

Outside strategy videos, this YouTube pickleball channel also provides detailed reviews on the top products, breaking down whether the most expensive paddles on the market are worth it or not.

USA Pickleball


Year Started: 2012

Subscribers: 10K+

Uploads: 254+

Love watching jaw-dropping rallies?

Then you’ll really enjoy USA Pickleball’s channel. The channel shows off the best players in North America at all the biggest competitions.

With some six-hour-long replays and live streams of top tournaments like the US Open Pickleball Championships, you can watch more content on the USA Pickleball channel than almost anywhere else. Strong production value, live commentators, and elite play make it a treasure trove for pickleball fanatics.

Fastest growing pickleball channel


Year Started: 2021

Subscribers: 36K+

Uploads: 577+

The sports commentary world changed forever when Jomboy Media exploded onto the scene with baseball breakdowns. Now The Kitchen is bringing the same kind of vibe to pickleball.

As they break down individual plays and important matches with some funny (and knowledgeable) commentary, you’re sure to be entertained. And it's hard to resist clicking on another video to see what’s next.

Did you know The Kitchen joined YouTube in 2021? In such a short duration, the channel has scored a crazy amount of engagement on almost every video.

The community they have built to this point is quite impressive. Not only will you laugh watching the videos, you’ll probably get a few chuckles from the comment section as well!

Most entertaining pickleball channel


Year Started: 2020

Subscribers: 13K+

Uploads: 247+

Want to follow along as a regular player tries to make the pros? That’s exactly what Shea Underwood is doing with his Pickleball Road to Pro series, which releases a video every week to update his progress.

The channel is not even two years old and already has a strong following. This is all because of the charismatic Underwood speaking directly to the viewer in almost every video. Doubling content straight from TikTok, it’s easy to see why this channel is growing – and fast!

A simple video about spinning a serve earned more than 2.3K views in its first 12 hours. These are numbers that many pickleball channels could only dream of.

While he doesn’t have quite the same authority of something like PrimeTime Pickleball, Underwood certainly provides more entertainment value.

Best channel for learning how to play pickleball


Year Started: 2017

Subscribers: 16K+

Uploads: 5

It might seem crazy to include a channel that has only ever released three videos. But there’s a reason why one of them has more than four million views!

If you don’t even know the rules of pickleball, this is the easiest way to learn everything you need to get started. These are the kind of shown-in-gym-class instructional videos that are easy to understand. So it’s very likely to always stay near the top of pickleball searches on YouTube.

You don’t need to subscribe since the last upload was more than two years ago. But for anyone just dipping their toes in the pickleball waters, PlayPickleball is a must-watch.

Best channel for learning from a pro


Year Started: 2021

Subscribers: 25K+

Uploads: 494

The host of our next channel needs no introduction… Tyson McGuffin is currently ranked #2 in men’s singles and doubles. He’s a four-time national champion, formerly ranked #1 in the world, and considered by many one of the best professional pickleball players of all time.

So if you’re looking for a way to learn from the very best, this channel is it. Tyson’s channel is filled with detailed instructional videos from his professional perspective and also lots of fun content, including a regular podcast.

You’ll find everything from advanced strategies to point breakdowns, even the latest pickleball drama!

Best channel for intermediate players


Year Started: 2016

Subscribers: 51K+

Uploads: 429

Once you’ve been playing for a little while and don’t consider yourself a beginner, check out Jordan Briones’ channel. After a years-long hiatus, Jordan is back to lend some of his pickleball expertise to players who need a little help polishing their game.

He breaks down the skills you need at each rating level to make sure you’re not trying to learn advanced techniques before mastering the basics.

And he’ll take you alongside his first professional tournament to give you a taste of competitive play. If you want to advance your game, this channel is a must-follow!

Tips for starting a pickleball YouTube channel

A pickleball player hits a shot

Do you want to make your own pickleball videos? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider making your own pickleball videos:

  • To improve your playing skills. One of the best ways to improve your playing skills is by watching yourself play. In this way, you will be able to notice your mistakes and learn how to correct them.
  • To share your skills with others. If you’re a good player, you may want to share your skills with others. One way to do this is by making videos of yourself playing and posting them online.
  • To record your matches. If you compete in pickleball tournaments, you may want to record your matches so that you can review them later.
  • To have fun. Lastly, you may just want to make videos for fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s a great way to share your pickleball experiences with others.

Now that we know why, let’s discuss the basics of how to do it. Here are a few easy tips on how to get started:

1. Choose a clear and concise topic for your channel

When it comes to creating videos, it’s important to be focused and have a specific goal in mind. What do you want your viewers to learn from your channel? What type of pickleball content are you most interested in making?

Once you have a focus, it’ll be easier to develop ideas and create engaging videos.

2. Make sure your equipment is up to par

To make quality videos, you need quality equipment. This means having a good camera (preferably with a zoom feature), microphone, and lighting. If you don’t have the budget for all this equipment, try borrowing or renting what you need from friends or family.

3. Create interesting and engaging content

This is probably the most important tip of all! People will only want to watch your pickleball videos if they are entertaining and informative. Be creative with your content and try to think out of the box.

For example, instead of just filming yourself playing pickleball, why not do some interviews with other players? Or make instructional videos?

4. Promote your channel on social media

Be sure to promote your uploaded videos on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. This will help get the word out there about your channel and attract more viewers.

5. Stay consistent with your uploads

Be consistent with your uploads to keep people coming back to your channel. If viewers know that a new video will be uploaded every week or so, they are more likely to check back often.

6. Be patient and have fun!

Creating a successful YouTube channel takes time and hard work. But if you enjoy making videos and are passionate about pickleball, then it will be worth the effort.

Have fun with it! And don’t get discouraged if your viewership isn’t as high as you hoped at first. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Bottom line

The pickleball community continues to grow all around the world. And with it, YouTube content continues to improve.

The best YouTube Pickleball channels provide a variety of content on this wonderful game of pickleball that appeals to all levels of players. From beginners just picking up the game to experienced players looking for tips and techniques, these channels have something for everyone.

Each also has its own unique style and approach, making it easy to find one that fits your interests and needs.

So if you're looking for some quality pickleball content in full video, be sure to check out some of these great YouTube channels! Did we miss any of your favorite channels? Let us know in the comments!

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