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104 awesome pickleball team names to choose from

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Brandon Mackie

Updated on: May 22, 2023

Graphic showing a selection of different professional pickleball team names

Choosing the perfect pickleball team name can be a nerve-wracking task, especially when you’re put on the spot. You want a name that’s funny and clever, but you also want your opponents to take you seriously. There’s a very fine line between witty and downright silly.

So, what makes for a great pickleball team name? And how do you come up with an awesome pickleball team name at the start of the season?

We’ll look at some name-choosing strategies later on. First, let’s share some of the best pickleball team names we’ve come across so far in our long pickling careers.

Players wearing pickleball team name shirts during a game
Photo by Stephen Rahn on Flickr, marked as Public Domain (CC0 1.0)

Best pickleball team names

Here are some personal favorites that we've come across:

  1. PaddleMates
  2. DallasDinkers
  3. The Ace Bandits
  4. Dink and Drop
  5. Pickleball Princesses
  6. The Pickle Supremes
  7. The Picklebros
  8. PickleRobbers
  9. Dinkers
  10. Pickle Power
  11. PaddlePride
  12. PickleFighters
  13. PaddlePunks
  14. The Drop Squad
  15. The Kitchen Sinkers
  16. The Kitchen Crew
  17. The Paddle Slammers
  18. Dinking and Dunking
  19. The Hitters
  20. The Paddle Kings
  21. The Volley Vultures
  22. The Hit-Aces
  23. TopSpin
  24. The Ace Crushers
  25. The Pickle Potters
  26. Team Pickle Power
  27. The Pickleball Pups
  28. The Picklemonsters
  29. The Picklebabies
  30. The Pickle Pitchers
  31. The Pickleball Pandas
  32. Pickleball Punishers
  33. The Pickleball Misfits
  34. The Pickle Pack
  35. Pickle Champs
  36. The Pickle Babes
  37. PaddleOut
  38. Paddlin Pickle
  39. The Pickleball Crusaders
  40. Spikes & Rackets
  41. Crazy Aces
  42. The Slicers
  43. The Pickle Potts
  44. Team Smashbomb
  45. The Picklebombs
  46. Team Paddle-Nerds
  47. Making a Racket
  48. The Dink Divas
  49. Grip N’ Rip
  50. The Pickleball Stars
  51. The Hot Shots
  52. Super Smash Bros
  53. The High Fives
  54. The Dink Sinkers
  55. The Wacky Aces
  56. The Poach Coaches
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Funny pickleball team names

  1. Pickleme
  2. RightOnTarget
  3. Balls on Fire
  4. Drop of a Dime
  5. Team Pickle-Up
  6. The Whipsnappers
  7. The Pickle Ballers
  8. The Ballers
  9. The Pickled Peppers
  10. Ball Chasers
  11. Krauts on Fire
  12. Dink-a-Ling
  13. Dill With It
  14. Balls of Fury
  15. The Hitmen
  16. The Lobstoppers
  17. Dinking Problems
  18. The Serve-Aces
  19. Mid-Court Crisis
  20. The Pickadillies
  21. That’s a Paddlin’
  22. The Dead Balls
  23. Let’s Get Pickled
  24. The Flapper Jacks
  25. The Big Dills
  26. Dill Me In
  27. The Kitchen Dinks
Pickleball player wearing a shirt with their team name on it during a game
Photo by Stephen Rahn on Flickr, marked as Public Domain (CC0 1.0)

Clever pickleball team names

  1. Piklz
  2. The Ballerinas
  3. Viva las Pickles
  4. The Dip Team
  5. The Bangers and Mash
  6. The Cucumbers
  7. PickleballZ
  8. SnapShots
  9. The Lobsters
  10. The Sours
  11. The Ball Hoggers
  12. Grand Slammers
  13. The Kitchenettes
  14. Net Menders
  15. The Net Results
  16. The Smart Aces
  17. The Hall of Framers
  18. Up the Creek
  19. The Kitchen Counters
  20. Tro-Pickle Storm
  21. Legally Brined
Pickleball players wearing team name shirts concentrating on a shot
Photo by Stephen Rahn on Flickr, marked as Public Domain (CC0 1.0)

How to come up with your own team name

Coming up with a good pickleball team name is much easier if you follow these tips:

  • Use adjectives
  • Add a specialty (e.g. dinking)
  • Use an inside joke
  • Find an association with popular or trendy names
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Choose a catchy but powerful name
  • Choose a name that’s easy to pronounce
  • Choose a memorable name
  • Decide with your team
  • Relate it to pickleball
  • Try online name generators

Does your pickleball team name matter in tournaments?

When choosing a name for your pickleball team, consult with your other team members and consider whether the name is appropriate for the type of pickleball you plan to play.

If you’re just playing a pick-up, fun game in a local pickleball court near you, then you can be a lot more casual and risqué with the team name. Pickleball players are renowned for their wacky, fun-loving attitude, and they definitely appreciate a good pun!

Players in a doubles pickleball game during the 2023 Arizona Grand Slam

But if you play in serious pickleball tournaments, or might do in the future, steer clear of team names that could be taken as offensive or in bad taste. Remember: you might have this name written across your back on a t-shirt!

You’re looking for something memorable and funny while remaining professional.

What is pickleball slang?

Knowing the slang and technical jargon of the sport will help you to find unique pickleball team names. Pickleheads use a number of strange and eccentric terms. Here are a few that will be useful:


An ace is a serve that an opponent fails to return, giving you an uncontested point.

Dill ball

A dill ball is a ball that is in play. It has bounced once legally on the opponent's side and is live.

Dink shot

A dink is a shot that’s hit softly from your 'kitchen' or kitchen line to drop neatly into the opponent’s non-volley zone. Watch the video below to learn more about dinking in pickleball:


Drop shot

A drop shot is similar to a ‘dink’, but it’s hit from deep in your court closer to the baseline. It is also aimed to land with little power into the opponent's kitchen.


In pickleball, a falafel is a shot that is mis-hit or under-hit and falls short due to lack of power.


A flapjack—or ‘flabjack’ as it’s also known—is a shot that must bounce before being hit. Once a player serves, the opponent must let the ball bounce before they return it, and the original player must also let the ball bounce before they return this return.

After that, it’s game on. This is because of the 'double bounce rule'. Check out this clip to learn more about the rule:



No surprises here—a junior is a young player between the ages of 7 and 19.


Pickleball players shout ‘Opa!’ when the second shot after the serve has been hit and open volleying can begin.


Getting ‘pickled’ means losing a match without scoring a single point.


Pickledome is a slang word for the center court or main court where a pickleball championship match is played.


A pickler is a fan of pickleball, also known as a picklehead.


Poaching occurs in doubles pickleball when one team member reaches into their teammate’s side of the court to hit a shot.


Also known as an ‘overhead’, this is a powerful shot hit overarm from above the player's head.

Pickleball player Brandon Mackie hits a smash shot during a doubles pickleball game

Volley llama

A volley llama is an illegal shot where a player hits a volley while in the non-volley zone. Click play on the clip below to learn more about performing volleys in pickleball:


Bottom line

A funny and catchy pickleball team name takes a bit of thought. Sit down with your teammate(s) and brainstorm. Write a long list of ideas. Then go through that list, weighing up each name and eliminating them one by one.

Be patient! A brilliant pickleball team name is out there, waiting to be discovered.

If you have any awesome team names that you’d like to share with us, reach out to us via our socials. We’d love to hear from you!


About the author
Brandon Mackie
Brandon is an avid writer and co-founder of Pickleheads™. Once a competitive tennis player, Brandon can now be found these days honing his dinks on pickleball courts near Phoenix, Arizona.
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