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12 Best Pickleball Shoes: 2022 Ultimate Guide

Brandon Mackie
Jun 9, 2022 | 15 min read
Best Pickleball Shoes

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  2. Best Pickleball Shoes for Men
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As a pickleball beginner, you're unlikely to be thinking about shoes.

Runners will do, won't they?

After all, pickleball is just a variation of tennis – so won’t tennis shoes do the trick?

Well, believe it or not, there are some specific shoes designed for pickleball. They've got a different tread and sole to tennis shoes, which makes a big difference when you're playing on a court with those pesky pickleball lines.

Pickleball is a game of light-footed agility. You need to be able to move quickly in all directions, and change direction suddenly.

That's why a good pair of pickleball court shoes is an essential piece of equipment – they'll help you move more easily around the court.

In this article, we're going to take a look at the 12 best pickleball shoes on the market right now. We'll consider factors such as price, comfort, durability, and tread.

So whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, read on to find the perfect pair of shoes for you!

Best Pickleball Shoes for Women

Women tend to have narrower feet and a higher arch than men, so they often need shoes specifically designed for their foot type. Let's take a look at the best pickleball shoes for women.

Best Pickleball Shoes Overall: ASICS Women's Sky Elite FlyteFoam Mid Top 2 Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Sky Elite FF Mid Top 2 Pickleball Shoes

ASICS is well known and loved for its high-quality, durable shoes for athletes of all types. The ASICS Women's Sky Elite FlyteFoam Mid Top 2 Volleyball Shoes are perfect for pickleball and come highly recommended by users.

These rubber-soled shoes have a snug fit that won't slip or move around while you're playing, and they're also incredibly lightweight and breathable, keeping your feet cool and comfortable even during long games.


  • Gel technology is included in the soles, which is great for absorbing shock and preserving your knees and joints
  • The FlyteFoam material is very lightweight and bouncy, making your steps feel more natural and powerful
  • High-rise material at the ankle provides great support and stability


  • May be too snug for some users who wear orthotics or have wider feet

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Best Pickleball Shoes Overall (Runner-Up): WILSON Women's Rush Pro 3.0 Pb W Pickleball Shoe

WILSON Women's Rush Pro 3.0 Pickleball Shoes

Pickleball is similar to tennis in many ways, so it's no wonder that the top-tier tennis shoe brand, Wilson, has also released a great pickleball shoe. The Rush Pro 3.0 is perfect for players who are looking for lateral support and durability on the court.

We like these shoes for their minimal yet highly supportive design. They aren't weighed down by a lot of extra padding, and yet, every dash and pivot is supported by the shoes' cushioned insole and stable construction.


  • Mesh is engineered specifically to be breathable, so your feet won't overheat mid-game
  • Lateral support provides stability for quick, agile movements
  • Low profile makes them less bulky and easier to maneuver than other shoes on this list


  • A handful of users found that the sizes run small by around half a size, so be sure to order accordingly
  • May not be the best pickleball shoe for those with wider feet

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Best Pickleball Shoes for Indoor: Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z6 Volleyball Shoe

Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z6 Pickleball Shoes

Volleyball shoes are often recommended for pickleball because they offer good lateral support and stability. The Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z6 Volleyball Shoe is a top pick for indoor court shoes. It's got a sturdy rubber sole but remains incredibly lightweight and breathable.

Reviewers tend to mention this shoe's shock absorption more than any other feature. It can really take a beating without wearing you down. Plus, the sleek black/white design is flattering and modern (although you can also find some fun and funky colors if that's your thing).


  • Has wave technology for shock absorption to get you through long games
  • Lightweight and breathable in both midsole and mesh
  • A diagonal groove in the midfoot area allows you to move more easily


  • May be too stiff for some players
  • Some reviewers report a narrow fit

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Best Pickleball Shoes for Outdoor: New Balance Women's 796 V2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

New Balance Women's 796 V2 Pickleball Shoes

If you're looking for pickleball shoes with a wider toe box for natural movement and a durable outsole for outdoor surfaces, the New Balance Women's 796 V2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe is a great option.

The shoes are also designed with breathable mesh uppers to keep your feet cool and comfortable during long games on pickleball or tennis courts.

Reviewers on Amazon note that these shoes are particularly great for people with Plantar's Fasciitis, as they are extra supportive and cushioned despite being lightweight. You won't have to worry about your shoes wearing out easily, either; the non-marking rubber soles are built to last.


  • TPU overlay means more support and durability
  • Mesh upper allows your feet to breathe
  • No-sew material application is comfortable and prevents blisters


  • May be too narrow for people with wider feet
  • Several users reported feeling both too small and too big in different areas of the shoe

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Best Pickleball Shoes for Comfort: K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 Pickleball Shoes

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Pickleball Shoes

Your pickleball shoes can be as durable and sturdy as you please – but if they aren't comfortable, you're going to hate wearing them.

That's why the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 Pickleball Shoes take the number one spot for comfort. They have a cushioned insole and plenty of ventilation, so your feet will stay cool and comfortable even during long games.

With GlideGuide technology, these shoes have excellent traction on the court, so you'll never lose your footing. The Hypercourt Express 2s are also lightweight and flexible, making them easy to move in. They come in both men's and women's sizes, so everyone can enjoy the comfort of these shoes. If you want a more affordable option, their Express Light Pickleball Shoe can be a good alternative.


  • Has the speed and dexterity of a running shoe
  • Plenty of ventilation to keep your feet cool
  • GlideGuide technology makes sure you never misstep


  • Higher price point than other pickleball shoes

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Best Pickleball Shoes for Style: Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro Pickleball Shoes

Want to look sleek and stylish on the court?

These Nike shoes are your best bet, with a sophisticated black and white design that will make you stand out. They’re also incredibly lightweight and breathable, and they score highly in the comfort department.

But it's not just the style you'll be getting with these shoes – the Zoom Vapor Pro has been designed to wrap around your foot like a glove, providing you with better stability and control from the sole right through to the upper.


  • Lightweight, luxurious, and stylish design
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Superior stability and control


  • Not as durable as other options on this list
  • High price point due to branding


Best Pickleball Shoes for Men

Best Pickleball Shoes Overall: ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 8 Pickleball Shoes

Like our best overall shoe for women, our top pick for men's shoes is also from ASICS.

They tend to excel in this category and the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 doesn't disappoint. It provides great cushioning and stability, keeping you comfortable for hours on the court. The outsole offers great traction as well, ensuring you won't slip even when things get wet.

These shoes have superior support in every area, from the roomy toe box to the snug-fitting heel. There's a higher level of traction than other models on the market and even better durability.

If you're looking for a shoe that can take on anything and everything, the Gel-Resolution 8 is it.


  • World-class traction, support, and durability
  • More room for wider feet
  • Great cushioning and stability


  • Relatively high price point (although long-lasting)
  • Includes an arch-wrapping feature which some reviewers don't like

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Best Pickleball Shoes Overall (Runner-Up): K-Swiss Men's Ultrashot 3

K-Swiss Men's Ultrashot 3 Pickleball Shoes

K-Swiss is well known for its quality range of athletic shoes, including these Ultrashot 3 pickleball shoes. Though on the more expensive side, the durability is apparent in the design and performance of these shoes.

A sturdy rubber outsole prevents you from slipping, even when wet, and the mesh upper allows your feet to breathe. They are comfortable for extended wear and provide good ankle support. K-Swiss has also designed these specifically to support those with plantar fasciitis (but they are suited to everyone regardless).


  • Durable, sturdy, and designed to last
  • Breathable and cushioned to absorb bounce and shock
  • Non-slip rubber outsole


  • May be too expensive for some players
  • Snug fit until broken in

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Best Pickleball Shoes for Indoor: ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 10 Indoor Sport Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 10 Pickleball Shoes

Play a lot of indoor pickleball?

The ASICS Gel-Rocket 10 was made for you.

Designed especially for indoor sports, these supportive and durable men's shoes have received 4 and 5-star ratings from over 90 percent of buyers on Amazon. It's easy to see why pickleball players love these shoes – they've got an incredibly light sole without crossing over into flimsy, and provide plenty of cushioning and shock absorption.

The mesh upper allows your feet to breathe, and the shoes come in a variety of colors including classic black and white as well as sleek gold, red, and silver options. Plenty of support is provided at both the heel and the arch.


  • Designed for indoor play
  • Super light and supportive
  • Cushioned and shock absorbent


  • Some users found the laces a bit too short

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Best Pickleball Shoes for Outdoor: Fila Men's Volley Zone Shoes

Fila Men's Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes

Most people know Fila as a stylish retro brand that doesn't always deliver in quality…

But that's not the case with their Volley Zone mens shoes, which are designed especially for pickleball.

The rubber outsole is highly durable for long stints on-court, and the tread pattern provides great grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. The shoes are also highly breathable, thanks to a combination of mesh uppers and perforations throughout, so your feet won't get too sweaty even during long games on outdoor courts.

They're not the lightest sneakers out there, but a molded toe box prevents sliding and makes them a good choice for outdoor pickleball.


  • Designed with pickleball players in mind
  • Reviewers say they are perfect for outdoor use
  • Great price


  • May be a bit too heavy for some players
  • Some don't like the flat laces

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Best Pickleball Shoes for Comfort: WILSON Men's Rush Pro 2.5

WILSON Men's Rush Pro 2.5 Pickleball Shoes

Looking for comfort in your pickleball shoes?

The Rush Pro 2.5 is placed as best for comfort in our lineup, but rest assured that they excel in all other areas, too.

These shoes have a snug fit and feel great when you’re on the court. They are designed with excellent responsiveness and durability in mind so that you can play your best game, every time.

The Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 comes in both men’s and women’s versions and has a removable footbed for those who insert orthotics. They are available in silver/white and navy blue/white color schemes. A sturdy rubber outsole means good traction and stability on a variety of court surfaces.


  • Highly comfortable, durable, and supported
  • Snug fit with excellent responsiveness and stability
  • High-quality and reliable brand at a fair price point


  • Some reviewers say sizes run too large

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Best Pickleball Shoes for Style: Adidas Men's Solematch Bounce Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Solematch Bounce Pickleball Shoes

When it comes to flaunting your style on the court, Adidas is a natural option. They are a brand of taste; color schemes and aesthetics are always on-point.

The Solematch Bounce Tennis Shoe is one of the sleekest offerings you'll find in the pickleball world. It's also a great performer, with excellent cushioning and grip.

Whether you prefer the classic black-on-white design or something more flashy, it seems that there is a design to suit every taste. These shoes also have plenty of bounce in their midsole and a sturdy rubber outsole to prevent slipping.

They’re a great choice for those who want to look their best – both on and off the court.


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Lightweight upper balances out the rubber sole
  • Bounce in the midsole for extra energy on the court


  • Some users find them to be a bit too narrow

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How to Choose The Best Shoes for Pickleball

Now that we've covered the top pickleball shoes in 2022, how will you know which ones are best for you?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing shoes for pickleball. Let's take a look:


When playing pickleball, you'll be jumping, running, changing directions quickly, and landing on hard surfaces – so you'll need a shoe that can handle all of that wear and tear. Your best bet is to choose a thick rubber sole and a shoe that maintains its structural integrity.


Changing directions rapidly on-court requires the least possible amount of slip and slide. Make sure to choose shoes with good traction to keep you on your feet during even the most energetic rallies. This means a non-marking rubber outsole, plenty of treads, and a snug fit.

Woman Wearing the Pickleball Shoes for Best Traction


Some of the worst joint injuries are caused by playing on hard surfaces. To avoid unnecessary pain, make sure your shoes have plenty of cushioning to absorb impact and keep your joints healthy.


Heavier shoes will wear you down faster – especially during long games or tournaments. Make sure to find a shoe that's lightweight but still provides the necessary durability.

For instance, some shoes have a rubber outsole that wraps around the lightweight foam and a breathable upper, which keeps them light.


Pickleball players know that this is a game of intensity and sweat, much like tennis or squash. So, it's important to find a shoe that allows your feet to breathe and stay cool. Look for mesh panels on the upper or shoes made of lightweight materials to help keep you comfortable.

Arch support

Finally, you'll want to consider your arch type and find a shoe that provides the necessary support. If you have high arches, for example, you'll need a shoe with good cushioning and support to help absorb shock. On the other hand, if you have low arches, you may want a flatter sole that still provides traction.

Pickleball Shoes vs Tennis Shoes

On our list of the 12 best pickleball shoes, you'll notice there are many tennis shoes. That's because, like pickleball, tennis shoes need to provide good grip and stability on court surfaces.

However, there are also a few specific pickleball shoes on the list, which are designed specifically for the game. So, what's the difference between pickleball shoes and tennis shoes?

Pickleball Shoes vs Tennis Shoes


  • Pickleball, tennis, and badminton shoes must have a sturdy and gripping outsole – preferably rubber – and it needs to be reliable for swiveling, changing directions, and stopping quickly on various court surfaces.
  • A good heel cup is important in both types of shoes to keep your ankle stable, especially when making lateral movements.
  • Both shoes require plenty of midsole bounce and support to keep you moving quickly and comfortably throughout your game without injuring your joints.


  • Pickleball shoes often have a tread pattern that is specific to the sport, which helps to provide a better grip on slippery pickleball courts. Tennis shoes may also have this feature, but it's not as common.
  • Pickleball shoes are extra wide and more spacious than tennis shoes to allow for better movement and comfort when playing the game.
  • Tennis shoes often have a more stiff upper construction, while pickleball shoes often have a more flexible and breathable upper.

Despite their differences, there is a lot of crossover between the two types of shoes. So, if you're not sure which type to go with, it's perfectly fine to choose a tennis shoe that is designed for multiple sports, including pickleball.

Just make sure that the shoe has a good grip and stability on court surfaces, and that it fits well.

The general rule for tennis shoes is 45 to 60 hours of play. It's important to note that the lifespan of your shoes will also depend on how well you take care of them.

Woman Tying to Lace Her Pickleball Shoes

Bottom Line

If you've been pickleball-ing in your everyday getup, that's totally fine – and you might not even feel the need to switch up your shoes. But if you're looking to take your game to the next level, investing in a quality pair of pickleball shoes is definitely worth it. (Plus, your knees and ankles will thank you later on!)

Our list of the 12 best pickleball shoes in 2022 is an excellent place to start looking. Just remember the main points: rubber outsole, plenty of support and traction, and a comfortable fit.

And of course, ask about the warranty and try on a pair before you buy them!


About the author
Brandon Mackie
Brandon is an avid writer and co-founder of Pickleheads™. Once a competitive tennis player, Brandon can now be found these days honing his dinks on pickleball courts near Phoenix, Arizona.

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