USA Pickleball removes all JOOLA Gen 3 paddles from approved paddles list

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Published on: Jun 14, 2024

Read the story as it develops, with statements from JOOLA and USA Pickleball
Brandon Mackie holding the JOOLA Perseus 3, Magnus 3, and Scorpeus 3 pickleball paddles

If you keep up with pickleball news, you'll know that USA Pickleball recently removed the new JOOLA Gen 3 pickleball paddle series from their approved paddle list.

Whether you own a Gen 3 paddle yourself, are thinking of buying one, or are just curious to learn more, stay tuned as I break down the recent JOOLA Gen 3 paddle ban.

JOOLA Gen 3 paddle ban - timeline of events

This story has been going on for several weeks now. So, what happened?

USA Pickleball's initial statement - May 16, 2024

Last month, USA Pickleball announced that they had removed JOOLA Gen 3 paddles from their list of approved pickleball paddles.

This means you can no longer use these paddles at USA Pickleball-sanctioned tournaments. According to USA Pickleball, the reason is that JOOLA submitted the wrong paddles back in September 2023 for certification.

JOOLA responded with a statement the very same day, blaming an administrative error on their part. They wanted to reassure people that the paddles they mistakenly submitted back in November were "materially the same" as the Gen 3 series.

JOOLA has since resubmitted the Gen 3 paddles for approval. However, USA Pickleball announced on June 4 that these paddles "did not meet [their] approved equipment standards". This means the JOOLA Gen 3 paddles will remain off the approved paddles list.

JOOLA's statement - June 5, 2024

Last week, JOOLA released another statement outlining their disappointment in the decision. However, JOOLA has committed to giving full refunds for any Gen 3 paddle purchased between April 16 and June 15.

USA Pickleball has yet to provide any more updates since JOOLA's statement. It seems that, as far as USA Pickleball is concerned, the Gen 3 paddles do not meet the standards required for approval.

JOOLA announced on June 13 that they are taking legal action against the decision.

What does this mean for JOOLA?

Pickleheads are keeping their eye on this story, myself included. Whether or not you own a JOOLA Gen 3 paddle, it will be interesting to see how the lawsuit plays out, and whether the decision changes.

So, how does this announcement impact players with Gen 3 paddles? If you're a rec player, you can continue using your paddle, though some people or clubs might disapprove. Meanwhile, tournament players won't be allowed to use them at all. The same goes for pro players like Ben Johns and Anna Bright.

I recently reviewed the JOOLA Collin Johns Scorpeus 3 and the Ben Johns Perseus 3 paddles. However, I've since removed the Perseus 3 from my list of the best pickleball paddles and replaced it with the Gearbox Pro Power.

While the Scorpeus 3 is the most powerful paddle I've ever tested, I make sure all paddles on my lists are USA Pickleball-approved for tournaments. If you're looking for a replacement, why not check out my paddle quiz?

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Find the perfect paddle

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Bottom line

This isn't the first time a top paddle brand had their paddles de-listed by USA Pickleball. CRBN experienced this in May 2022 with their Control Series. It took almost a month, but the paddles were eventually added back onto the approved list.

It's too soon to tell whether the JOOLA Gen 3 paddles will be approved again. The fact that this is going to court and it's already been a month makes me think it will be a drawn-out process.

I'll update this article as I learn more, so be sure to check in for the latest news.


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