Rahul Datta

Rahul is the Community Manager at Pickleheads. He loves working with and developing the pickleball community and is an aspiring professional pickleball player with 5 pro wins on the APP Tour to date.

My pickleball journey

I discovered the sport in the middle of 2022 on Instagram. I had seen it in a high school gym class but hadn't thought much about it, but after graduating, I was bored and wanted to try it out.
I was hooked after my first game. I've since medaled at every amateur level in both singles and doubles. I'm now on my journey to play pro pickleball, currently competing on the APP Tour circuit.
Through Pickleheads, my involvement in the pickleball community has only grown. I used to be very involved in the New Jersey pickleball community, but my job at Pickleheads has allowed me to expand my horizons.
I've helped Pickleheads to grow not just domestically but internationally as well! As a certified PPR Pro, I also give weekly tips on the Pickleheads newsletter to help players of all levels up their game.
I play (more accurately drill) about 5-6 times a week to continuously improve my game, and I try to compete in tournaments as often as I can.
I hope that by the end of this year, I'll be consistently winning matches in the main draw of the pro circuit, and I only hope to go further up in the future!

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