Famous by Friday

Kip is the founder/owner of Famous By Friday Pickleball. Kip began playing pickleball in 2018 and began teaching pickleball in 2020, teaching full-time in 2022.
When he’s not teaching, Kip plays pickleball, runs pickleball tournaments, and manages his YouTube channel Famous By Friday, which reviews pickleball paddles and equipment, and has guided instructional drills.

My pickleball journey

My pickleball journey began on a Tuesday night in 2018. I arrived with no idea how to play, rules, scoring or anything. The first pickleball I swung at with a wood paddle I missed. Badly!
I was used to tennis and a ball that bounced. Undeterred, I came back the next Tuesday and started asking about more nights to play. The pickleball addiction had set in. Along the way, I was lucky enough to find great friends and partners who wanted to drill and play as much as I did.
By 2020 I had traveled extensively, played in twenty states and competed in numerous tournaments. Yet, I knew what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. I began spending most of my days coaching and I became a licensed instructor. Teaching the game of pickleball to every level of player is my passion.
I am very blessed and have been lucky enough to spend time with several pickleball professionals and have learned so much from them. From drills, strategy and winning mentality, I owe them a great deal! 
Pickleball has given me so much. Through lessons, clinics and Famous By Friday, I hope to return all knowledge and experience I have obtained through the years.

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