Betsy Kenniston

I’m Betsy, the founder of Crazy Pickleball Lady, a blog I created to share my love of pickleball with the world!

My pickleball journey

I discovered pickleball when I finished working in 2012, and the sport has defined and thoroughly enriched my retirement. I spend the warmer months in Toledo, Ohio and the winters in Southwest Florida. I’m a member of four pickleball clubs in total, serving on the board of directors of one.

Over the years I’ve taken part in tournaments all over the country, including Las Vegas, Colorado, Michigan, the US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples, Florida and the USA Pickleball Nationals at Indian Wells in California.

My passion has also taken me all over the world. I attended the Bainbridge Cups in Spain and Germany, as well as tournaments in the Netherlands, England and Finland. I’ll be returning to England in 2023 and can’t wait to reconnect with my pickleball friends there.

In my time off the court, I write my blog as a way to reach others who want to learn to play pickleball, and to give tips to players looking to improve their game.

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